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Big Plans for Wade Barrett, Who Feuds with CM Punk After WrestleMania?, MITB

– WWE officials are hoping that Wade Barrett will be back in action by July so they can feature him prominently at SummerSlam.

Before Barrett went down with an injury, he was scheduled to win Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 28 and challenge CM Punk for the WWE Title.

The Money in the Bank match may be moved to SummerSlam this year just so Barrett can win it and begin the push, feuding with CM Punk for the WWE Title going into the fall.

Source: PWInsider

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  • C.I.T.M

    Jesus pick a (CENSORED)ing date & stick with it
    Its changing quicker than an average diva match

  • Helsing

    I think Punk vs. Barrett could be a great feud! And if they will do that, then it will mean that Punk stays as champion at least till the fall, which is great.

  • SupGuys

    Barrett? He needs a feud like this. I think he hasn’t been able to show his whole potential yet. Plus, it’d mean that Punk stays Champion until atleast SummerSlam.

  • Joshua Shaver

    Wasnt there still gonna be a money in the bank PPV in June? WWE still show MITB for june

  • Mikey

    MITB is in June, Barrett should be healthy by June. Connect the dots. I’d prefer him feuding with Sheamus though, because both have history together, that goes back before WWE. There’s chemistry, and the guys would have awesome, hard hitting brawls.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Mikey: I was hoping Bryan would get drafted to RAW after dropping the title to Sheamus at WM and he could feud with Punk. But this wouldn’t be bad at all. And since Punk has really good memory of storylines, he can remind the writers if necessary that he was the one that booted Barrett out of the Nexus and got him shipped off to Smackdown in the first place. But I agree, I’d love to see Barrett and Sheamus in an extended feud as well, but do it somewhere around Extreme Rules next year to set up a match where they could really brawl, wrestle, AND go to town on each other with chair shots. Both of those guys are pretty good in the ring, but neither are Punk-type technicians. Which is fine. But put them in an environment where they can be at their best, which IMO, is a brawl-type atmosphere. Like maybe a Street Fight…or at least Falls Count Anywhere.


    Hopefully they do this, im glad if punks gonna stay champ till at least august, he deserves it. He hasnt had long title reign and now he will. And the barrett punk feud can be great if they pull it off correctly and this can sky rocket barrett to the main event scene.

  • robert

    Stop fucking changing date right now its scheduled June 17 my birthday at Izod center I wanna see it live

  • because of big show we’re not gonna get MITB at mania plus punk and barret feud could be AWOSEMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • mariah.

    @Helsing: Or it could mean Jericho wins at Mania and CM Punk is scheduled to get it back???

  • Jacob

    I absolutely support feud between Punk & Barrett… It would be great…

  • Alex

    The WWE Championship? I would rather see him as the World Heavyweight Champion but at least his time has come to be a Champion! Glad to be part of the Barrett Barrage and i’ll be there to witness him win the MITB!

  • Bryson

    Mehhhhh I don’t know….don’t get me wrong Barrett is koo and all but too me there’s something missing from his wrestling skills….but I guess a punk vs Barrett feud would be good to see…..I would have prefer Bryan vs punk tho

  • Ashley

    I would love this feud! Plus it would mean Wade would be back on Raw! Ever since Punk entered Nexus i’ve been itching for a punk/barrett feud! and hopefully its at the mitb ppv where wade wins, because ill be going to that!

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