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Big Rumor on CM Punk and Zombies, Hornswoggle on Superstar Toyz, Del Rio

– Hornswoggle is featured in the latest episode of WWE Superstar Toyz:

– We noted before that Alberto Del Rio is now on Twitter at @VivaDelRio. He tweeted the following on Tuesday:

“Finally, the real Alberto Del Rio is on twitter SORRY fake accounts Time to stop pretending to be me There’s only one essence of excellence”

– We noted before that WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly booked himself an appearance on a popular TV show without WWE’s knowledge because he felt they would have given the role to someone else. It’s no secret that Punk is a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the un-confirmed rumor is that he will have a special walk-on role in an upcoming episode.

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  • Lisa

    If that asshole can’t act in a WWE ring, how is he gonna act in a TV show?

  • TheInstantClassic9

    *sigh* Oh Lisa, you troll. Want a cookie for your OUTSTANDING comment, bitch?

  • Opie

    Lisa is just The Walking Slut lmao

  • Jay

    Just be quiet Lisa, your opinion is so biased its not even funny anymore. If you seriously think that John Cena is a better ‘actor’ in WWE than CM Punk then you just don’t know what talent is. CM Punk has played more characters in WWE than John Cena has moves.

  • Rybork Laserback

    Lisa, you’re just a troll begging for attention. Jay, you’re being a blind Cena hater too. I’m a big Punk fan but the Cena hate is just getting old, there is a reason he has been so successful at the top for so long. I agree WWE over-pushes him, but people on here give him way less credit then he deserves.

    Also i’m a big Walking Dead fan too, it would be great to see Punk on the show. And he’s actually just the guy for the show, whether a Zombie or a survivor, he fits in that type of show. Someone like Cena or Miz would have looked out of place in a show like TWD.

  • Rg41982

    Punk can’t act? I think she is trolling y’all. If ur a wrestling fan you know punk is one of the best wrestlers and cena is the best superstar. Wwe would be boring if one or the other left. Wait why r we talking about cena again? Walking dead is the shit hope punk don’t get in trouble for being slick. I’m sure he will be a zombie.

  • rob

    ZOMBIE PUNK!! God I love the walking dead.

  • Chelsii.

    Is it bad I haven’t seen one episode of The Walking Dead? I kind of want to wait for it to finish up so I can buy the Boxset.

  • Lisa

    Cena over pushed, are you kidding he’s the best in the world so shut your fucking mouth

  • Y2J

    I think Lisa is probably a 30 year old bitch, never been on a date,has no friends and her family probably ran away from her when she was ten because they hated her so much. Wrestlenewz, please ban her IP address.

  • brandon



    YES! YES! YES! (also nobody likes Lisa, yay!)

  • Brent989

    @Lisa bad acting are you serious cmon man cena in the marine cough cough lame as shit acting right there. I’d rather be kicked in the balls and watch Suburban Commando or Thunder in Paradise with the hulkster. Than watch cena act if that is what its called haha good job for being a troll though its just sad u do it cause you have no life maybe you should market out Meth like coppercab for luring trolls. But my guess is your just a brain dead asshat

  • Brent989

    More not meth

  • Brody Lawrence

    Punk can book himself on a TV show w/o WWE’s permission? Eh, what the hell, he’s like Shawn Michaels after he & HHH hugged Hall & Nash goodbye. He’s 1 of their last 3 biggest stars so what are they going to do to him? He’ll get away with it like Michaels did. If anything WWE will do like they did to HHH and they’ll punish Heyman for Punk’s actions. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

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