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Big Show Apologizes, Zack Ryder’s Goatee, History of WWE Previews

– Courtesy of, here are two new The History of WWE preview clips that focus on Vince McMahon. The History of WWE hits stores on November 19th.

– Zack Ryder has been sporting a new goatee on WWE’s current tour of Europe. He wrote on Instagram:

“Even I’m confused about my new goatee…”

Zack Ryder goatee

– As noted, fans were upset at Daniel Bryan not being present for the WWE live event in Birmingham on Saturday, despite being heavily advertised. We noted that Randy Orton basically told fans to get over it while they chanted for Bryan in the main event. After the main event was over, Big Show actually thanked fans for coming and apologized for Bryan not being there.

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  • mika009

    He is confused about his goatee. I guess that’s supposed to be funny? And he wonders why he isn’t being used.

    • dan

      Buddy relax it is a joke.

      • mika009

        No, a joke is supposed to at least attempt to be funny. This guy is just a dumbass, always has been. If he was as worried about improving in the ring as he is at social media, dumb jokes and whining because he isn’t being used who knows what he could do.

        • dan

          It’s not up to him it’s WWEs stupidity did you know WWE is actually blaming there ratings decline on the fact that Bryan is small.

          look at Antonio cesaro one of the best in ring performers Ive ever seen in my 20+ years off watching wrestling every week he gets wasted in stupid matches vs santino or khali the guy should be world champion.

          • mika009

            I agree with you on the stupidity and I’ve got an extra 5 years or so on you watching wise. Cesaro is awesome. One of the best I’ve seen too. Ryder has never impressed me though. Not his in ring ability, his Jersey Shore gimmick was a little late and very annoying then once he had his little run with Cena, Eve and Kane and they stopped using him all he did was whine about it. I guess he’s one of those guys I just don’t like.

  • Joseph Douglas

    Yet the WWE thinks people don’t want to see Bryan.

  • tt2000

    Ryder is still super over in some of these european shows even though he hasn’t been featured on raw for like a year.

  • Tommy Colosi

    i gotta say that dvd looks awesome…

  • Scott Davies

    Ryder looks like Christian lol

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