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Big Show Goes Off Backstage On Superstars At WrestleMania 33

On X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman stated how Big Show was upset with how his WrestleMania 33 match went and said something backstage. After a few eliminations, Big Show and Braun Strowman had a stare down. They were then both quickly eliminated by the remaining members of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

“Before thing was even over, Big Show had a bunch of guys that were in the Battle Royal back in the back and he was going off… I think it was over the stuff with him and Strowman,” said Waltman. “Because they had a moment there and I think the moment got taken from them too quick.”

Big Show has stated how this was his final WrestleMania.

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  • Edynol

    I don’t blame him. That was the worst Andre Battle Royal of them all so far. I was looking forward to the Strowman vs Show part, but we never got it. I also think Strowman should have won. I remember when Show put over Cesaro in the 1st one. Such a great moment. WWE wasted that moment afterwards by not turning Cesaro face right then and there, but meh. 2nd one, Show got a deserving win. I mean, has a giant ever won a battle royal ever? Not that I can remember. Yeah some people hated it, but I think we needs to have a giant win at least one, and Big Show more than deserves to be that guy.

    The 3rd one really got Corbin started on the right path. Again, WWE failed to capitalized on it, but it turned out pretty well for Baron. But this last one, it was “meh” at best. Having some NFL schmuck come and help Mojo win? I like Mojo, but he’s a lower midcarder at best in my eyes and him winning that way, against Jinder of all people, a freakin jobber, made him look even less relevant in my eyes. Should have came to down to Show vs Strowman with Strowman going over.

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