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Big Show Talks Triple H’s NXT Role

There’s no denying NXT has gained a following as Triple H continues to work in the developmental system. WWE’s Big Show spoke to Three Hours Long about the job Triple H is doing.

“I think [Triple H] does a real good job with NXT of understanding how to give these kids more time, give these kids a little more freedom on the mic, give these kids a little more freedom on their matches to go out there and get yourselves over,” said Big Show. “That’s one of the things that I think hurts our program with the three-hour RAW. There’s so much s–- crammed in there [that] guys aren’t given a lot of time to get over. Up here, you get two weeks with something and boom, it’s gone. They’re on to something else. And that’s not a fair assessment to give anybody new that [has] come in. Nobody can get anything done in two weeks. It takes time to get things done and that’s why I’m really happy with NXT because you see these kids get a chance to get over and they build a following.”

Triple H has been absent from WWE TV since dropping the championship to Roman Reigns. There’s no word on The Authority’s return as Shane McMahon has been running RAW the past two weeks.

For the entire interview, including working as a heel, please click here.

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