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Big Show Knows Retirement Nears, Floyd Mayweather Breaking His Nose

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“The Big Show” Paul Wight recently sat down with ShanghaiDaily for an interview while in Shanghai promoting the upcoming WWE Live event taking place in China this coming September.

Wight started off talking about his preference for being a baby face rather than a heel because of the difference in relationship with the audience.

“I get to hug the kids and high-five them on the way to the ring,” He said. “I love kids. Personally, it’s a little bit more fun to be a baby face because I get to interact with the fans in a more positive way.”

He discussed breaking into the business of pro wrestling. Wight, who earlier in life lost his father and grandfather to cancer in the same year, wound up finding solace for that hardship in his new profession.

“It was funny at that time because I didn’t know if I’d be any good at wrestling,” He said, “I didn’t know if I’d be any good at being a superstar. I just thought it was really cool and I’d make a little bit of money out of it.”

Wight continued, “I didn’t realize until after I really got into the business, met all the guys in the locker room, and went up and down the road, that I found something that was going to heal my soul and complete my life and make me understand why I was put on this planet and what I was meant to do.”

The 7 foot giant talked about his angle at WrestleMania with Floyd Mayweather and getting his nose broken.

“It was important for me,” He said, “My responsibility was to get that angle off the ground. This was boxer versus wrestler, which is a big deal in America.”

He went on, “Not to take away from the drama of it, but I didn’t care if he broke my nose or not. I wanted to suspend belief and get our fans emotionally invested,” Wight said.

“I knew that if he broke my nose, people were going to talk about it. A broken nose will heal, and I got my nose broken by one of the greatest fighters who had ever lived. My nose was fine in two weeks.”

After a long career in WWE full of big matches and accomplishments, the 44 year old Wight gladly acknowledges that he’s nearing the end of his road in the ring.

“I’ve had a 21-year career,” He said, “I’m looking forward to retirement actually. It’d be nice to actually see my family. I’ve earned my limited schedule and now it’s the twilight for me. I get to do media, talk to fans, and tour the world and go out with a nice casual wave goodbye; and I’m happy with that.”

In regards to what he has on the horizon, Wight is slated for a match with another giant of the sporting world at next year’s Wrestlemania: The former basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal.

“We’ll have one heck of a match and we’ll see what’s up,” He said, “We’ll give the fans a treat.”

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