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Big Update on Dixie Carter’s Major Announcement

As noted earlier, Dixie Carter said that she would have a “major announcement” on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

The announcement will be that TNA will be taking Impact Wrestling on the road in 2013 according to F4Wonline. It’s unknown whether TNA will be giving up the Impact Zone or if they will still hold occasional Impact tapings there, however when TNA airs a live episode of Impact, they will tape the following week’s show the next night.

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  • Aaron

    I guess they are going to gamble with their money! They have trouble filling house shows with 500 people, how are they going to make enough money to make it work? I see major money trouble before you know it!

  • PimpDaddy2099

    I thought the announcement was that she was going to fire Hogan. *Siiiiiiiiiigh*

  • Z….

    well, they took whatever savings they had with lowering the number of live ppv events and are gonna be using it towards this. I personally think they should have waited at least a year or 2 to try to make up as much of their debt as they could. Instead, well…this could get ugly

  • jcice13

    this is MAJOR!!!!!!! damn I’m on the edge of my seat here, I thought that maybe the big announcement was that she was going to say that she was the biggest mark in the business since abrahms and that her parents disowned her

  • Maze Of Torment

    TNA is taking more gambles and evolutionary steps these days than ever before. For better or for worse, it’s worth a good nod. Doing Impact live now led to generally better programming, the success of quality in last year’s UK tapings is leading to a stronger footing overseas, other things. Interesting, but this has to be an even bigger gamble given that turnout in various places could be horrible.

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