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Bill DeMott’s Daughter Dies In A Car Crash – Details

Former WWE head trainer Bill DeMott’s daughter (Keri DeMott) was killed in a head-on car crash Saturday morning.

She was on a highway in Orlando, Florida around 12:30 am when another vehicle veered into her lane crashing into her car and killing her instantly.

Shane Helms tweeted out the following about the incident:

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Our thoughts and prayers are with the DeMott family. RIP.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Santa sends his thoughts out to Bill’s family :(

  • Fat Owens Fat

    What a year Demott has had. From being sacked from his job to losing his daughter. I may not have been part of Developmental team but i still think Demott abusing the contestants was no different than what HHH was doing to Josh Matthews and the other TE contestants of which he was a part of when he signed up for the biz. It probably was a lot of trash talking to see if they’re going to give up that early and walk away from the biz or stay put and fight till they made it to the main roster.

    • Edynol

      You’re kidding right? What Demott did was 100X worse than what HHH did. HHH was being straight up and telling the truth, how it is. He’s actually one of the gentler trainers in the Tough Enough series.

  • Edynol

    Despite me not liking Demott, I feel bad for him. No parent should have to outlive their children. My condolences go out to him and I hope he recovers from this.

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