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Bill Goldberg’s Beef with Triple H, Could We See Him Wrestle Again?, More

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg took fan questions on Twitter this afternoon and noted that he still trains 6 days a week. Here are some highlights:

Could we see him in a wrestling ring again?

Does he like Brock Lesnar?
“1 of the few I still communicate with. Awesome dude.”

Does he like Triple H?
“Funniest question all day…”

Will he and Triple H ever make peace?
“We’re from 2 different planets….”

With others performing in their 40’s, does he think it’s wise to get back in the ring?
“Tough call I’m struggling with”

Is he friends with Shawn Michaels?

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  • LancePower

    Ryback vs Goldberg! Ripoff vs Real thing!

  • Matthew

    @ lancepower with Rvd as special referee

  • rob

    ^^ Your comments always confuse me

  • Chelsii.

    Matthew is just retarded, let’s leave it at that.

  • glitch

    to clear it up for you two, he’s saying that because ryback stole rvds tank design, so he would be in the ring with everyone he’s copied. i had to think about it a little, but i did, you know, think about it, before attacking.

  • Super pee pee man

    Ryback and RVD use the same air brush guy allot of people not just wrestlers use this guys art work. So it’s really not even copying nobody.

  • The Original Jeff W.

    Did Ryback also make sure RVD was cool with it?

  • The Original Jeff W.

    ^^I meant to say “Didn’t Ryback”

  • Richie

    @ glitch

    Ryback did not copy or rip off RVD…he made a phone call to RVD personally and asked Rob’s permission and blessing to use his guy to airbrush his ring attire…and Rob said absolutely, and that he felt kinda honored that Ryan(Ryback) actually felt the need to ask his permission!

  • Bane

    Nla bla bla. Same stuff like always, he teases but as long as HHH has power, Goldberg won’t b appearing 4 WWE anytime soon. HHH has always been jealous that it took months 4 him 2 get over. It took HHH years @nd needed Mick Foley 2 help him get over which is another reason HHH dislikes Foley. Wish Goldberg could vome back 4 one last time but it won’t happen as long as HHH has power. GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harshbaid

    People need to stop riding goldbergs dick…he never loved the business ..he was always in it for the money..
    ..i’m not asking you to support ryback but don’t try to sabotage a young guys career for a asshole like goldberg

  • Bane

    It’s not riding his dick, it’s just the truth. Goldberg may have done it 4 the money but he still has respect 4 the wrestling business since that’s the way his dad raised him 2 not b disrespectful. His dad raised him religiously, and 2 b honest and respectful. It’s not Goldberg who started making comparisons between himself and Ryback. It was us the fans, u have 2 b blind and not watched wrestling 4 the past 20 years 2 not c the comparisons. If Goldberg didn’t care then he wouldn’t take his character seriously. GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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