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Bischoff Responds to Internet Reports, Impact Rating

– Eric Bischoff tweeted the following in response to reports that he is contracted with TNA through early 2014:

“Proving once again that so many wrestling “news” sites are a joke, reports of my (BHE’s) contract w TNA expiring in 2014 is bullshit.”

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling averaged 1.126 million viewers for a 0.95 cable rating. The viewership is about the same as last week but the rating is up 7%. This was the second lowest rated episode since July 4th of this year.

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  • Babie Sabrina

    I would like to know what is truly going on with TNA is it really as bad off as people say or are they just trying to draw more people in thinking it is at its end..
    Truth be know I really started watching TNA for their six sided ring, it was neat, different, it was their nitch, I wish they would just go back to being the old TNA, bet you then people would start watching again, Tired of seeing old wwe people in TNA (not that its bad but then TNA became the wwe rejection line) Dixie has it in her to run this company, she just needs to be Dixie, Hogan, Bischoff, Hogan could have been good for business if he would have been used right, not on screen though bout as a brand ambassoder, Now Bischoff he is one sick puppy, he has the brains, invent a sick match for TNA like he did for wwe… All the elements are there its just every one wants to be boss, Even the female wrestlers use to be better on TNA now they are no more than what wwe sees their Diva division is
    I vote for TNA to become TNA again and to stop being a WWE wanna be

    I also must write sorry for my spelling and grammar cause me just aint got none : )


    • jcice13

      all you have to do is look at the ratings for their TV and check their poor attendance figures for road shows or better yet see how many are cancelled due to low ticket sales, add the fact they are dumping salaries, and one doesn’t need an MBA to see that that is the recipe for a business that is not only doing poorly but maybe on the brink of extinction, and no matter how many sides their ring has or doesn’t? I can not see how that is a criteria for watching a show, not trying to be offensive here but if you put two people in any size or sided ring it doesn’t matter it’s the 2 people inside that do and the creative writing for them and tna is not doing anything that is compelling, and obviously it’s not my opinion but the fact that no one really cares it shows that as well

      • Babie Sabrina

        No I do not feel as though you were beating with with the wwe title belt across my back 😉
        But yes the 6 Sided ring is what drew some people in cause it was a different product
        i Mean if your going to see a freak show are you going to line up to see the one head girl or the two headed girl?
        Yes I can see TNA is having a down time just as anyone else can but, my question is, is it saveable? Yes it appears really bad to outsiders but what is really going on behind the scenes? we see what they want us to see I want to know what the what is (after all This is a tax write off for Panda energy) So the I.W.C. is like TNA is dead, and going to be sold Blah Blah Blah, Could it not be TNA is shedding weight now to be able to evolve in to the next Chapter in their Book? People want to say TNA is at the bottom of the pole but truly they are not… (Panda energy was bleeding money from TNA so Panda tightened the purse strings, ) So I dont see them going the way of WCW because of that… As I said before TNA lost their nitch when they gave up the six sided ring, TNA is not WWE, Can TNA be compution for WWE ? No But TNA can put on such great shows that it could cause WWE to have to raise their bar… TNA could never be The next WWE for one major reason MONEY, Yes TNA started something good they started changing the way PPV are done, So TNA is and has created change so where does the change go and what is the next step

  • Chelsii?

    Just go away Eric and don’t come back. You’ve outlived your usefulness.

  • Tommy Colosi

    “It expires in 2013, you all are stupid” EB

  • mika009

    For someone who is always talking crap about internet news sites he sure seems to respond to them a lot.

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