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Bischoff’s TNA Status, Halloween Impact Preview, Action Never Ends

– TNA is advertising the following for the Halloween edition of Impact Wrestling on the official preview from their website:

* Fallout from AJ Styles leaving as champion
* Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode
* ODB vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title
* A possible appearance by Abyss

– TNA talents were told at Thursday’s talent meeting that the new “Action Never Ends” campaign is their opportunity to flesh out their own characters and get them more over than TNA can with it’s two hour show. The idea is that everyone on the roster will be encouraged to send officials videos of themselves on the road, at home, reacting to things that are going on in the company. Some of those videos will be posted on the TNA website and social media while others will be edited into Impact and Xplosion. It was presented as a way for the talents to really dig in deep and create characters for themselves and as a way for everyone to get an extra spotlight on their work.

– As noted, Eric Bischoff was not at Bound For Glory and was not at last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings. Talents were told at Thursday’s meeting that Bischoff would be working from home going forward. Some felt this was a sign of Bischoff’s departure from creative but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Lara_P1

    i really am liking these changes

  • [B]ANExx

    EB wasn’t at BFG? Just sayin’ but if you aren’t backstage for HANDS DOWN the biggest TNA show of the year then you’re surplus to requirements…

    Are TNA turning a corner I wonder? (Allegedly HH just re-signed, so I doubt it, but a guy can dream… right?)

  • jcice13

    WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hold up, don’t push him out the door yet he’s still got a couple of gagne/crusher angles he can use in TNA not to mention having a big goofy guy in an aluminum helmet crashing through a wall, he’s an untapped resource of reruns

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