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Bo Dallas On Teaming With Bray Wyatt To Win Tag Gold

Wyatt Family
Brothers Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are both on the WWE roster, but at two different points in their careers. Bray is part of the Wyatt Family, who have been destroying superstars. Bo is a member of the Social Outcasts, a new WWE stable that is still looking to find their footwork.

“We grew up as brothers dreaming about the day we would become tag team champions,” said Dallas. “Who knows? Who knows what’s going to happen? Anything is possible.”

There’s been talk from fans of making Bo a Wyatt Family member, as his current gimmick isn’t working.

For the compete interview between Bo Dallas and, click this here.

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  • Mean Dean


  • Fat Owens Fat

    Instead of making him job to anyone and everyone, they can put him as the Wyatt Family’s mouthpiece so he can get some opponents pissed at him with his mic work, lead them to the ring and the lights go out for all 4 Wyatt members to surround the ring and beat up whoever is in the ring that night leading to a feud. That way the Wyatt’s can reduce over exposure of their gimmick and maybe just maybe people might think they’re atleast as dangerous as APA. As of now their gimmick isn’t much different than 3MB

    • William Nylander

      Bray is already a great mouthpiece , but I do agree, they should put Bo with them . Bo Wyatt sounds perfect. Better than Daniel Wyatt LOL.

      • Philip Hollett

        Or Bray Dallas

        • Joseph Lisnow

          changing Bo or Bray’s name.

  • Philip Hollett

    I think Bo is on the verge of becoming the next Santino type comedy character and will be crazy over with the kids. As everyone knows the comedy character is a great spot on the card and as long as they stay in the media good graces they have a firm job for as long as they want it.

  • The Shockmaster

    Bothers? Ravens 2.0 has arrived

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