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Bo Dallas: Video Footage Of Arrest For Public Intoxication Surfaces (Video)

It was recently widely reported that Bo Dallas was arrested on August 26th for public intoxication while trying to board a flight.

Now, video has surfaced showing the arrest taking place. In the footage, Dallas can be seen clearly inebriated. He slurs and stammers and stumbles around but offers no resistance to police.

As one of the officers comments, “He’s a wrestler. He’s been cooperative but he’s a strong boy.” Then you can see cops rifling through all Dallas’ stuff, which is clearly warranted. Because cooperative people who consume legal substances¬†frankly deserve to be stripped down¬†with flashlights shone where the sun don’t shine.

Whether a strip search occurred is still speculation as no video of that has come out… yet. Poor Bobo.¬†We bolieved in you!!! You let all the children¬†down you dirty rotten son of a… no, I won’t sully myself by stooping to¬†his level.¬†Because I actually think of¬†the children. Why do you hate children, Bo?

The real crime is that Dallas returned to action this past week. He should be rotting in a cage for the rest of his sorry life.

Okay. In all reality, Bobo The Clown just got a little drunk and who hasn’t done that? Well, Hitler never drank. So, you decide what type of person you want to profile or not. A general rule is that anyone without¬†some kind of vice¬†probably has a much more horrendous collection of skeletons in their closet. Like the genocide of an entire race, for example. But that’s just a general rule.

Here. Watch the video of Bo being treated like a common criminal courtesy of TMZ:

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