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Bobby Lashley Attending Tonight’s WWE Live Event, RVD Appears On The JBL & Cole Show

– Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley announced on Twitter Friday afternoon that he will be attending tonight’s WWE live event in Denver, Colorado.

Lashley parted ways with WWE on February 4, 2008 after being asked to be released from his contract and now competes as a mixed martial arts fighter while occasionally wrestling at independent events. Regarding the nature of his departure from Vince McMahon’s organization, it was widely rumored that Lashley had had problems with the head writer of SmackDown at the time, Michael Hayes. Lashley’s former girlfriend, Kristal Marshall, alleged in a 2009 interview that Hayes, who was suspended from WWE in 2008 after reportedly using a racial slur to Mark Henry, had said several blatantly racist remarks to Lashley, and that this was the main reason he decided to bolt from the company.

– This week’s edition of The JBL & Cole Show is now online and features Rob Van Dam. The synopsis reads, “In this edition of The JBL & Cole Show, RVD blesses us with some narration skills, Cole & Renee continue their tour of the WWE Performance Center, William Regal joins the cleaning crew, and JBL FINALLY makes it to Orlando on time….maybe.”

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  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Lashley leaving was a big shame, with more.. development(?) to his character and repertoire, he could’ve been such a big player. Lashley could’ve overtaken Cena at one point.

    • sonik

      Could but then Vince realised that he’s black. Stupid politics.

      • Alejandro

        Vince had nothing to do with Lashley leaving WWE.

        • sonik

          I was writing about not giving him WWE Title in mid-2007, not leaving. He wasn’t WWE Champ because he’s black. And I wrote that it’s stupid politics by Vince.

          • Alejandro

            Oh. I think he would have been WWE Champion if he didn’t get injured and if he didn’t leave.

      • tt2000

        It was not because he was black. It was because he doesn’t have enough charisma or personality. At his size and with his athleticism he should’ve been a super scary threatening guy but he just doesn’t come off that way.

  • Guest

    It is a shame that the WWE had no plans for Lashley back then… they let him sit at home for nearly a year!!! He could have come back at any time after his injury!!! I just didn’t understand that back in 08 and neither now.

  • Tyler Drummond

    Lashley was my favourite wrestler when he was around. Could have had big potential. His role now seems to be filled by Big E Langston though who I think will be a HUGE star. If you cant tell, I am a MASSIVE Big E Langston fan. FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE!

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