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Booker T Offers His Thoughts On Chris Benoit, Rene Dupree Resurfaces

– Speaking to Inside Wrestling, Booker T was asked for comment on the late Chris Benoit after working closely with him for a number of years. The SmackDown General Manager is asked how he separates Benoit’s wrestling accomplishments and friendship with him from the horrible event that occurred in 2007.

“I separate them because I have to,” said Booker. “You can’t put the two together. I think of the Chris I knew on the road and in Japan, eating the frickin’ noodles, traveling and working together for years. I can’t put those two people together because I really think the two were different people at the time. We’ll never know what happened, and that’s the thing: We don’t know. The brain is a fragile machine, because you can live with a person for 30 years and then they kill you one day.”

– After recently returning to North America, Rene Dupree competed in his first match in the United States since leaving WWE on Saturday in Rahway, New Jersey for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. He lost a Four-Way match, which also featured Dan Maff, Devon Moore and the winner, The Dynamic Sensation.

Dupree competed in Japan and Europe during his time away from North America. Though still muscular, he has since lost a considerable amount of weight.

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  • The Truth

    Rene Dupree the youngest world tag team champion ever in WWE 19 years old. That’s pretty fucking amazing

  • Mick

    Unfortunately, not everyone can separate Benoit like Booker has. It’s that reason why he’s not touched by WWE, because there is no universal separation between wrestler and man, and you’re most likely to find the honoring and respect of Benoit from internet fans, from everyone else, I don’t think so.

  • B-man

    Booker is looking at the benoit thing the right way, he is still one of my favorite wrestlers to go back and watch.

  • matthew

    Benoit is innocent he was framed. Rip Benoit Nancy and kid

  • rob

    ^^ Idk if I’m more appalled at the comment or that 3 people actually liked the comment…….

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Dupree was a pretty decent heel back in the day. I remember he was one of the guys I hated the most growing up. I didn’t realize he was so young. He’s still only about 28 now, and he’s been gone for years. Shows how times have changed in WWE… now you almost have to be 30 to even have a feature role on the main roster.

  • matthew

    Pat Patterson was a big fan of Renes dance

  • Brody Lawrence

    Careful Booker, if you stand in front of a mirror and say Chris Benoit’s name 3 times he’ll appear and murder you. That’s how WWE pretty much treats him anyway.
    Seriously, after all his accomplishments it’s too bad that Chris Benoit will mostly be remembered as the Freddy Krueger or Lord Valdemort of pro wrestling. I’m in no way excusing what he did but when WWE tries to erase him from history and pretend like he never existed there’s just something wrong with that. It’s fine to never put him in the HallofFame or make a DVD of him, but don’t pretend like he never existed and try to scrub him from history like they tried to do with Freddy in those Nightmare on Elm St. movies or treat him like “he whose name shall never be spoken”.

  • SdotC

    FUCK CHRIS BENOIT. And to the fucking idiot who said he was framed, get the fuck out of here. It’s really simple– I know all of the factors that contributed to his ridiculously fragile state of mind, and I know he was essentially empty-minded, but he’s still a killer. If you were watching the news and you saw “And in other news, a man in Georgia was found dead in his home after brutally killing his wife, his 8-year-old son, and ultimately himself”… you would all be saying “wow, what a despicable piece of shit! Well, at least he’s dead”. And if the news then reported that he had a high level of brain damage and was essentially insane, you wouldn’t cut him any slack. Why? Because ALL KILLERS ARE INSANE! Especially child killers. I mean, for fuck’s sake, he killed his CHILD! You people don’t defend him because he legitimately deserves to be defended, you defend him because you admired him as a wrestler and it’s troubling stuff… it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that the same guy who almost brought a tear to your eye at WM20 is the guy who killed his wife and kid. But he is. Yet wrestling fans cut him this slack that they’d never cut some random guy even given the same circumstances.

    Want proof? How about the fact that some dumbass marks ACTUALLY BELIEVE CHRIS DIDN’T DO IT. To me, that shows that you guys really will do whatever mental gymnastics necessary to convince yourself that Chris wasn’t the monster that he really was.

    And don’t get me wrong, of course the damage to his brain, the stress in his life, drug use, etc, were all contributing factors… but they didn’t bring anything out of Chris that wasn’t already inside him. If I’m wrong, then why doesn’t this happen more often? Plenty of other wrestlers have had far more traumatic lives than him and plenty have taken far more damage to their brains than him. This beast was always in Chris, the circumstances just turned him loose. It makes me absolutely sick that you fucking fanboys try to spin it as if the wrestling lifestyle killed the Benoit family. NO, Chris Benoit killed the Benoit family.

    This is the reality that every single one of you defenders needs to accept. I was a big fan too, and I was completely dumbfounded when this happened. Yes, events in his life, damage he took (voluntarily) did bring him to that point, but ya know what? Everyone in history that’s committed this kind of heinous crime has been batshit crazy. So if you’re going to make excuses for Chris, you might as well defend Koresh, Jones, Hitler, The Zodiac Killer, Charlie Manson and co.

    You people need to stop making excuses for Benoit and just accept him for what he really was– a tremendously gifted wrestler who’s demons took him over and made him a monster.

    The fact that you people mourn his loss more than the loss of the innocent young boy that HE KILLED is absolutely despicable. Only wrestling fans…

  • P4P

    ^^ There’s no proof that Chris killed them or even committed suicide so stop acting like you are a know-it-all.

    – How the fuck was he seated against the machine if he hanged himself from that weight machine which was barely an inch taller than him?
    – Why was there beer and wine bottles hanging around the basement where Chris was found and he tested negative for alcohol?
    – How was some guy located near WWE’s headquarters able to know that the reason Chris missed the PPV was because of a death inside the family?
    – Why would he kill his son then try and bring him back to life spiritually?
    – How could he send those text messages 6-7 hours after he had passed away?
    – Why was Dave Taylor hanging outside the house around the time police came?
    – Where was the DNA or fingerprint proof that CHRIS was responsible for choking out and strangling Nancy & Daniel?
    – What was Chris so paranoid over in the last years of his life? Could it be that someone was really after him?

    And I can go on further than that. I am willing to accept that he’s a murderer BUT if there’s clear evidence that points at him as the perpetrator. As it stands, THERE IS NOT ANY. Just the fact that some steroids was found around the house and because his brain had taken some bad hits. Well, so what? Steroids/roid rage doesn’t cause anyone to kill people and it certainly doesn’t last 25 hours (or however long it took the three bodies to be dead), if Chris’ brain was that bad and caused him to snap, what about the guys in ECW and others like Mick Foley who have taken WORSE bumps than Chris ever did? Also if we take the word of the people who knew him to account, he showed no signs of being a monster and was the opposite of everything he’s supposed to be in those last two or three days. What could lead to such a turn around in events? I don’t believe it and you can call me names all you want but I don’t give a fuck!

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