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Booker T Reuniting with Stevie Ray, MVP’s New Rap Song, WWE Merchandise

– WWE has released new WrestleMania 29 merchandise and a new Paul Heyman t-shirt:

heyman shirt

– You can listen to MVP’s new hip-hop song “Tokyo” at this link.

– Matt Striker spoke with 2013 Hall of Famer Booker T on the WWE App during last night’s RAW. Booker talked about how overwhelmed he was to be inducted. Booker indicates that he’s not retired but did say that Harlem Heat, his legendary tag team with brother Stevie Ray, would be reuniting at the Hall of Fame.

  • Y2J

    We need PTP shirts and was rags!

    • Rob

      We want wash rags *clap clap clap clap clap*

      • Tommy Colosi

        As bad as thier segments were awful.. Titus and Fandango showed they are committed. If either went for it 99% or less the crowd would had crapped on it more. Ther are in 110%

  • IamLisa

    That may well end up being the worst selling t-shirt in WWE merchandise history.

    • Tommy Colosi

      The Godfather meets Heyman…. I love it

      • Gortex

        greatest wwe shirt ever

    • Sting’s Dad

      Go and buy a childish bright purple shirt with “You can’t C me” on it instead, then. Child.

      • IamLisa

        I have lots of them already.

  • Tommy Colosi

    Sucka’s Gots to know…..

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