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Booker T’s Last Hurrah at WWE TLC, His Thoughts on State of Wrestling and More

– Booker T spoke with The Baltimore Sun to promote Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view where he will face Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Here are some highlights from the full interview:

What’s your relationship with Cody away from the ring? You requested this match, right?

Dusty Rhodes [Cody’s father] and I came up in the WCW era. Dusty said something to me a long time ago and I felt this about Cody actually. I did a Saturday show once and I was the first match out. I was a green kid and I went out and I wrestled and Dusty told me, ‘They won’t put you out first no more.’ That right there told me a whole lot about how Dusty Rhodes felt about me and we became really close at that point. I was really close with [Cody’s half-brother] Goldust, too. … And now you see the third generation, Cody Rhodes, the next kid. I really like what Cody has done in the past few years in the WWE. He has grown so much. But to actually go out there with Cody, it’s going to be an honor and it’s going to be great kicking his butt.

Is TLC a last hurrah for you? Or do you see yourself still wrestling for a while?

This is my last hurrah. I really understand that this is about the young guys like Cody Rhodes. It’s about those guys taking it to the next level. But if I can help them make that transition to becoming superstars, future Hall of Famers, that’s what I’m here for. But as for me wrestling full time, I can’t see that happening. I’ve got twin babies and I’m content with this stage of life.

You’ve been in this business for a couple of decades and in that time you have seen the sport have peaks and valleys. What do you think the state of wrestling is right now?

We’re in a down stage. We’re in a slow season. The sport of wrestling has always been like that. But I’ll tell you what, it’s [on the rise] again. Our young guys are really picking it up and really seeing what entertainment is all about: giving the crowd exactly what they want to see.

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  • Wrestling-Geek

    Someone knows when to QUIT and let others shine.. Bollea & Flair should read this and ask themselves..

  • Some guy

    I think it says a lot about Cody Rhodes that a lot of veterans of the business are going out of their way to put him over. Last year, when creative had nothing in particular for Rey Mysterio, they gave him his choice of feud and he chose Cody Rhodes. And now Booker T is pretty much coming out of retirement to carry a feud with him. If you talk about guys that are going to carry the WWE through the better part of this decade, you’ve got to put Cody Rhodes at or near the top of this list.

  • kosher

    I agree man, not to mention that legacy feuded with DX as well awhile back…for HHH and HBK to put them over like that says alot too…Its just a shame that they can find something to work for other generational guys like dibiase, hennig, windham and those guys…hell even the usos should be doing way better in the WWE

  • Bad News Bro

    Who else was really impressed with Rhodes’ promo last night? I found that the words that he used and the manner that he delivered them just served his character so well, and shows why he will be Smackdown’s top heel within the next year.

    Both Rhodes and Ziggler are two young guys coming in hot.

  • Sam

    @Wrestling-Geek: @Wrestling-Geek:

    If you are going to attempt to look intelligent and refer to Hulk Hogan by his real last name, at least spell Ric Flair’s real last name properly.

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