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Boy Pleads Guilty for Killing Sister with Wrestling Moves

Devalon Armstrong, the 13-year-old whom beat his 5-year-old half-sister Viloude Louis to death last June, pleaded guilty yesterday to negligent homicide.

The 13-year-old boy was babysitting Viloude while his mother was away at the store. According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Devalon said that he started wrestling with the victim and practicing “WWE-style” wrestling moves. Armstrong then allegedly slammed his sister onto a bed, jumped on her and hit her with his elbows “like wrestlers do on television,” about 15 to 20 times.

Devalon faces up to five years in prison.

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  • Alpha_Omega

    “WWE-style” wrestling moves

    Why “WWE style”? Why does WWE always get the blame? People need to understand that theres more than one wrestling company. Can’t pass the blame onto one company but not the others.

    • Because he was probably only watching WWE? You think he even knows Japan have wrestlers? or Mexico? etc.

      • Alpha_Omega

        He might only watch WWE but TNA use alot of the same moves… so to say “WWE style” is just putting the blame onto WWE even tho WWE isn’t the only company that does the same moves.

        • mika009

          When your the global leader in sports entertainment or whatever it is they say, and you act like your the only company that exists so much so that you have your own “universe” you have to take the bad with the good.
          I also love how they want your kids to buy every piece of merchandise so they can look like their favorite superstar and expect them not to try this at home.

        • That doesn’t matter, that’s where he got them from… why is that such a bother to you? Get over it.

          • Alpha_Omega

            I’m sorry, where does it say it bothers me? Telling me to get over it. Haha please.

            Reading something that’s not even there.

          • You’re kicking up a stink because he said ‘WWE Style’ because that’s probably all he watches, why would he say ‘TNA Style’ or ‘ROH Style’?

            That’s all.

    • jcice13

      because as it says in the column the kid said he was practicing WWE style moves so it probably means that’s what the kid’s explanation was when he was asked what the hell he did

  • Abudadein

    Please, don’t try this at home…

  • He’s gonna be jobbing in the shower.

    • PlanoStu


    • Sean Patrick

      ALL THE YES!

  • I always used to do wrestling moves on my little sister who is 6 years younger than me but I was always super careful and let her win. I know they say don’t try it at home but if u just can’t resist at least take extreme caution and if you’re wrestling someone younger than you then let them win. Luckily no one has ever gotten hurt while wrestling with me.

  • Sean Patrick

    They should have called it “TNA-style” moves if nobody was watching! Seriously though, why was nobody watching him? Scumbag parenting.

    • Devon

      TNA could use some national media attention. He should have said TNA moves. TNA would eat that up in a heartbeat

  • Devon

    I am 16 and I wrestle wit my 9 year old bro sometimes. But I am always super careful and always let him win and I let him beat me down for pretty much the whole thing. I wouldn’t be suprised if WWE gets a lawsuit filed against them by the parents of the little girl. This is a sad story. And 5 years isn’t enough. He will be back on the streets when he is 18. 18-25 is the demographic on which most crimes are committed so most likely he will do other things

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      no they say 5 yrs until he is iut of juvy, then they charge him again as an adult, so he will probably get 15 yrs+ because of how the system works.

      • Devon


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