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Braun Strowman’s SummerSlam Opponent, Vince McMahon’s Role

Vince McMahon has big plans for Braun Strowman.

As reported, the WrestleMania 32 idea is for Strowman vs. Undertaker and now SummerSlam against Brock Lesnar.

According to PWInsider, Strowman is better than many see and WWE’s not used him often in the ring on purpose. They say he continues to improve.

McMahon has taken an interest in Strowman, showing him how he should function when in the ring. There’s been lots of heat on the WWE for wanting to give Strowman such a huge push.

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  • Carl Hardy

    strowman looks like an overgrown baby with a beard

    • Lisa

      Why are so many people hating on Strowman? Is it because he’s big? IWC fan boys are funny animals, they like midgets and hate big guys.

      • Carl Hardy

        I don’t hate strowman at all. he just doesn’t have a good look. facially, he doesn’t look intimidating. but what would I know….im just an IWC fanboy

        • Crazy_Victor

          Don’t forget he was a rosebud lol

        • Lisa

          Don’t let your indies midget fettish cloud your judgement. Strowman is as intimidating as they come. He is someone that can be best described as an “immovable object” . By far the most badass-looking member if the Wyatt Family.

          • Carl Hardy

            lol ok

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Correction *IWC Indy fanboys. We’re all IWC folks remember? The power of Indy boners are strong lately. While you may think that the Indy boners are reserved for skinny guys like CM Junk/Daniel Bryan and fatsos like Owens and Joe, their hypocrisy knows no bounds for when they were kids and cheered for big slow guys like Andre the Giant/Gorilla Monsoon as star attraction or as grown ups they boo the hell out of those luchadors(read Mysterio) because they just do random fast moves that don’t seem very effective(all this while they root for that Neville lol).
        They might laugh at Cena’s 5 knuckle b.s not connecting the head(as do I) but point them out that Owens too doesn’t even put any effort in lifting his opponents for the pump up powerbomb, and they lose their marbles all over it. Infact, i recall the Indy fanboys laughing at Batista’s sitdown powerbomb and Nash’s powerbomb and their only acceptable powerbomb was The Last Ride for a long long time.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    And then he gets buried by Cena! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

    • It Begins kid

      Du du du duuuu!!!

      • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

        ?John Cena Sucks?John Cena Sucks?

    • Jonny

      Nah this time it will be version 2.0 (Reigns)

      • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

        He’ll get buried by both lol

  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    Put him a in the IC or US title hunt

  • TheMAG

    I don’t about you guys but Braun Strowman is like a male version of Eva Marie.He’s there because of his size and he needs to work on his wrestling before he can wrestle someone like Undertaker. Just my honest opinion.

  • Bonkerz

    Then its our job to make sure that these plans never see the light of day.

  • Aldrich Yan

    remember rusev? yeah right

  • Si Nicholls

    I like Strowman he is being allowed to organically grow and improve, and that’s a good thing, with his size obviously he won’t be as agile as Harper for example, who I think is the best big man on the roater currently, but with careful booking Strowman against people like Show, Kane, Taker ect Strowman will only get better.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Vince has officially lost his mind !!! Cmon WWE this guy probably has the worst finisher in HISTORY. And why not push more deserving talent ? Plus take into account a lot of guys will be returning from injuries soon and Samoa Joe is getting called up after WM so what’s the point ? These days people are not interested in the big goon type of wrestlers , fans are into guys who are more athletic and faster. Vince get with the times my friend

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