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Breakdown of a Very Bad Rated RAW – Final Kane-Bryan Segment, Main Event, More

– As noted before, the September 24th WWE RAW did a 2.72 rating with 3.78 million viewers – the lowest of the year and the lowest rated non-holiday RAW since 1997.

In the segment breakdown, they opened with the second strongest segment of the show with Paul Heyman, CM Punk, AJ Lee and Brad Maddox at a 2.99 quarter. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 262,000 viewers. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young lost 295,000 more viewers for a 2.59 quarter.

The segment with Punk and Mick Foley at 9pm gained 877,000 viewers, one of the best growth segments in weeks for a 3.22 quarter rating. Ryback vs. The Miz and a diner segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan lost 533,000 viewers. Tyson Kidd vs. Wade Barrett and the interview with Jerry Lawler stayed even. This isn’t confirmed but it’s likely a loss with Kidd vs. Barrett and then the returns for Lawler.

David Otunga, Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio lost 129,000 viewers for a 2.75 quarter at 10pm. Once again, the third hour of RAW is hurting people tuning in at 10pm. The third segment with Kane and Bryan and the attack from Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow lost 412,000 viewers for a 2.45 quarter rating. This was one of the worst RAW quarter ratings in well over a decade until Layla and Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres plus Tensai vs. Brodus Clay lost 34,000 viewers for a 2.43 quarter rating.

The final segment with John Cena, Punk and Heyman gained 428,000 viewers for a 2.74 quarter rating – a very bad number for the overrun.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • TheInstantClassic9

    Very bad RAW? As far as I’m concerned, RAW was great despite the bad rating. And that happened mainly because of MNF.

  • Fuck Off

    Kane and Daniel Bryan’s storyline doesn’t seem to click with the home viewers. Every time the ratings breakdown comes out, they always seem to lose a massive chunk of viewers.

  • DC

    Thats funny! I thought RAW was awesome. Enjoyed the funny Kane Bryan skit and did u see Ryback beat down Miz and stare down Punk?!?!? BAD??? Are you kidding? They will be talking about this RAW for a while!!

  • Dada01

    Totally agree with TheInstantClassic9. A really good RAW despite the rating.

    262 000 viewers left during the great Ziggler/Kofi Match? Come on.. they’re fan of wrestling?

  • rob

    The only real wrestling match lost 200,000+ views…..the majority of wrestling fans suck

  • rob

    So combined the Daniel Bryan / Kane skits lost 1 million viewers…..

  • jayman

    How the hell did Jerry Lawlers segment gain viewers…

  • blake

    ziggler/kofi match lost viewers coz the viewers thought it would be stale

  • Rg41982

    Ratings suck!

  • Joseph

    It seems like the Punk segments were the only ones with viewers. People tune out during the Kane/Daniel skits because they suck. I watch SNL for comedy sketches, NOT Raw! And, while I did not bother watching Raw for third week in a row, I would have watched the Kidd/Barrett match and turned the channel during the Lawler interview. I HATE when they assume.

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