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Breaking News: Huge Change at RAW, Vince McMahon Pissed Off

– Reports from tonight’s RAW are that Vince McMahon has not been in a good mood today. This led to head RAW writer Brian Gewirtz being removed from his job after more than 10 years. Gewirtz is still working as a consultant.

Vince reportedly told the producers he wants results or resignations. Everyone is said to be scared for their jobs. We hope to have more soon.


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  • Fuck Off

    Raw’s storylines have been bad anyway. Glad to see someone has been canned for it.

  • Dro

    Finally! The writers have stunk up the show the past few years!

  • RKO

    When Vince shows up on RAW u know something bad is going to happen!

  • Chelsii.

    Vince is finally taking back control of his baby.

  • Put Heyman, Regal and the nonwrestler purist type of writers together and make them write the shows.

    Hire Russo for the women, he made knockouts division a success.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ Putting Russo and Success in the same sentence shows how fucking stupid you are Mindy, again.

  • Brody Lawrence

    @Chelsii. Are you just terminally stupid? “Vince is finally taking back control of his baby”? He’s never lost control. All the crap storylines, the PG-era in general, extending Raw to 3 hours without having the talent to fill it, the phony PR ploys; it’s ALL his doing. He approves all the storylines, he approves the formats for all the shows, he promotes the PG era that nearly everyone hates and some are even his own ideas. It NEVER stopped being Vince’s show. The WWE’s sorry state is just as much his fault as anyone’s and probably more his fault than he wants to admit. “Taking back control of his baby?” SHEESH!! Who do you think supposedly took control away from him?

  • Chelsii.

    Mindy fake Chelsii doesn’t think u r stupid.

  • Dr Shelby

    id bet everything i own that “fake chelsii” is gunshark trying to hit on mindy again..

  • Richie

    @ Chelsii
    So u don’t think Russo is successful? Tell me this…where is your success! Russo has been around, he has forgotten more about pro wrestling than you will ever know!

    And Vince has been in control of “his baby” all along! He blames creative and everyone else…but HE is the one who put the bullshit PG leash on everyone! He ruined his product when he did that! If he wants things to get better…he needs to KILL THE PG CRAP!

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