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Breaking News: Jerry Lawler Collapses at RAW

– According to fans in attendance at tonight’s RAW from Montreal, Jerry Lawler collapsed during commentary during the Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young match.

Michael Cole and Lawler both went silent on commentary and several fans at ringside looked concerned. Cole resumed commentary after a few minutes but it was clear he was shaken up. Paramedics were attending to Lawler at ringside before the commercial.

Earlier in the night, Lawler competed in a tag match.

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  • Gokubob

    Hope he gets better

  • joe

    praying for ya jerry…hang in there!

  • big tex

    Hope he is OK. Jerry has always been one of the most entertaining people in the wwe. Even if its just on commentary. No one can replace him.

  • cscwb77

    Very concerning Cole is obviously shaken. Either a much better actor than we thought or it is legit.

  • Chris

    Cole said the same thing that JR said when Owen Hart died that night in 1999 falling in the ring that this “isnt apart of the show” omg i hope jerry is okay.

  • Raphael

    Well, Cole said, “this is not a part of tonights enterteinment.”

  • Alpha_Omega

    Word has it Cole has left ring side, hope it’s nothing bad. Get well soon Jerry!

  • big tex

    Whoever keeps disliking peoplse comments on this subject is being one ignorant son of a bitch. Show some damn respect. I don’t care who you are. We are on here hoping one of the biggest names in wwe/wrestling history is OK and you don’t like it? Then get the fuck out of here. That just shows how disrespectful people are and I hope you burn in hell.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I don’t like this at all… way, way, WAY too reminiscent of Over The Limit. Cole had that same look in his eyes. I can only hope it doesn’t end as badly as that did.

  • Chelsii.

    It sounds like he had a heart attack of some sort…

    I really hope this doesn’t end badly, just out of the fucking blue like that would just kill us all.. as fans of the WWE and Jerry Lawler.

  • Chris

    Atleast they stopped the commentary out of respect, they should have stopped the rest of that pay per view for Owen after he died, that was just messed up to keep going the same night.

  • Eric

    Shit like this scares the hell outta me. My prayers are with Jerry.

  • Chris

    Thats why i said about what cole said (and maybe i was not word for word but you get it), he had the same look in his eyes Jim ross did over owen, its really creepy, and scary.

  • Dro

    Dang cole to be shaken up, not good, prayers to jerry

  • Vacancy

    I Jerry gets well… Damn it’s too early for him..

  • Zack

    “not part of the entertainment” reminds me of JR talking about Owen Hart at Over the Edge 99. Jerry Lawler was in the ring tending to him. Hoping the results are not the same. Be strong Jerry.

  • CW1

    This will be all CM Punk’s fault, if something happens to Jerry! Stay strong King.

  • Chris

    Jerry please be okay, were all praying for you buddy.

  • Chelsii.

    Fuck off CW, it’s nobodies fault… just hope he pulls through.

  • rob

    Which ever troll is disliking all the comments just never fucking come back to this website please…you are a disgrace to wrestling fans to dislike people commenting on them praying for jerry lawler to get better…you are a worthless son of a bitch

  • Brandon

    Praying doesn’t heal people, doctors do retard.

  • Raphael

    Some of you may hate on me now, but remember when everybod was haitng on him back when he faced Punk in the Steel Cage match??
    I’d never hate on him, much respect for Jerry Lawler, one of the all time greats.

  • Kayfabe fan

    To be honest here
    I find it a little hard to feel sorry for lawler
    I do hope he is ok but when i think about the little girl ( u know what i mean )and what happend to her she may never recover from it

  • Chris

    Hey Brandy,

    What? is that supposed to amuse us? is that supposed to be funny? are you trying to make us all laugh? are you trying to hurt my feelings?

    I bet Brandy here is the one running around disliking the comments.

    Boots to Ass’s.

  • Dostrice

    To kayfabe fan:

    I HOPE YOU GET SHOT AND DIE YOU WORTHLESS SON OF A BITCH! you are not a pro wrestling fan… You are a coward who wishes death on a man who for some wasn’t an angel but for his family and pro wrestling fans regardless of being a tna or wwe fan kicked ass in the ring for over 30(?) years! when your mom was on the street fucking every tom dick jane and harry conceiving your bitch ass.. jerry lawler was and still is kicking ass even if he is in a hospital bed. I HOPE YOUR GRANDMOTHER OR MOTHER GETS A HEART ATTACK AND I HOPE YOU DIE IN A CAR ACCIDENT TONIGHT YOU HEARTLESS SUMBITCH! you are a fucking coward behind a screen but if me and you were face to face i would whoop you like a red headed stepchild! you make me want to find you and beat you like jerry lawler beat andy kaufmann back in the 70’s


    And go on ahead… Call the po-po’s! I live in rochester,ny zipcode14608

  • TheDude

    @ Kayfabefan The story you’re referring to about the 15 year old girl who accused Lawler of raping and sodomizing her in early 1993 admitted she made up the whole thing up before the case could go to court.

  • Violardo

    @Brandon: to be an atheist is one thing, but to critizice people for praying speaks for itself. Im sure you have your reasons to live with an antigod attitude, but guesse what me and a lot of people too and still we are with jerry even though Im on the other side of the world ok so please leave people and there believes alone.

    yes docotrs will help him and you too if you will need them. but someday the physical aspect falls to zero and doctors won`t matter to you or anybody here just like me. and at that point you would be happy if people would pray for you before during and afterwards….

    if you have any respect you would just be quiet seriously….

    Jerry /\

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