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Breaking News – John Cena Undergoes Arm Surgery Today (Updated)

The official WWE website announced that John Cena underwent surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow today. Dr. James Andrews removed several pieces of bone cartilage from Cena’s elbow through a scope. He is going home today to Tampa, Fla. and will immediately begin rehab.

WWE initially stated that it would likely take four to six weeks for Cena to recover from a surgery of that nature. The report now states that he is expected to recover in two to three weeks. Another update on his recovery time is expected be released Thursday when he is reevaluated.

WWE will release more information as it becomes available.

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  • Wuge

    Shiet.. Who’s gonna fill cena for the punk rivalry… ;o

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    This is Cena we’re talking about. It’d probably take most guys 4-6 weeks but Cena will find a way back in 3, just in time for them to shoehorn this match into HIAC. Although I did notice that he didn’t follow through with his arm when he gave an AA yesterday.

  • Muscleman

    I still expect Punk-Cena to headline the Hell in a Cell PPV, regardless.

  • Fuck Off

    Knowing John Cena and the way he pushes himself to come back from surgery, he’ll be back in three weeks.

  • Chelsii.

    Bone chips? Owwwwwwwwwww.

    Well, wanna know who’s going to be CM Punk’s opponent? I just had a look over the WWE employees list and there is just fucking no one… Randy Orton, Tensai or Alberto Del Rio will be the #1 contender. I bet you.

  • Coolquip

    Fuck WWE give the man a break.

  • matthew

    cena will do plenty of roids to get back in a week or 2. just retire already and bring ginger cena with you aka sheamus

  • maxpower

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! na na na na, na na na na Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!! I will be partying for six weeks.

  • Rg41982

    I was just thinking the same thing as most of y’all he won’t miss any tv time and he will be back in time for hic. Say what y’all want about cena but I was just thinking that wwe will have no clue what to do next and we will all be missing cena if he is out this long which he won’t be.

  • Mick

    Hell in a Cell is in about 5 weeks from Sunday. Cena will be good to go.

  • Chris

    @Chelsii Randy Orton inst going to be able to be number one contender. He is off filming a movie

  • Tmoney

    He’s going to rise above his arm surgery

  • no wonder the AA looked weird, it looked like punk got flipped over, i thought maybe he was just getting punk near the ropes…

  • blake

    after he pinned punk, he didn’t stay in the ring to pose for the fan which is also not cena’s style

  • Z…..

    I have to admit it. As much as i hate this guys character and can talk shit about his in-ring ability. this guy is a crazy SOB. comes back way early from that pectoral injury, then comes back WAY early from the neck injury. This is an injury that can keep you out a lot longer than just that 4-6 weeks. In baseball, it takes guys a few months to come back from something like this and he is gonna come back in 2-3 weeks? whether you hate him or you dont, you have to admire this guys will to do what he loves to do.

  • Lane

    People happy that cena is injured,What is gonna happen to ????? Cena-Punk epic hell in a cell match everyone is looking forward to? Dont be stupid marks pleease.I pray that he is able to just compete at hell in a cell then after that he can rest up his body,Capital Punishment is a throwaway ppv so he won’t be needed,Heck i hope Punk-Kofi happens there after this Cena feud.For the first time in a long time a match actually warrants a hell in a cell gimmick and i hope he can do h????s Super Cena thingy and compete at that night cuz there ????s nothing for the wwe title picture ????s cena gone due to injury

  • Raphael

    WWE is pushing people way too much.
    I think they haven’t learn nothing from the Jerry Lawler incident.

  • Heisenberg

    The next few weeks w/o Cena will be interesting. I hope it won’t be boring. Question is, will Punk rise to the occasion and carry Wwe?

  • Joseph

    WWE will not be boring without him. I always find it better when he is not around.

  • Jay

    Honestly, if WWE was smart they would have Cena stay out and rest for about 6 weeks. Jericho has said this, and it is a pretty well known fact that all characters need a break. Even if it from injury is is good for wrestlers to take time off.

    It is a good chance for Punk to dominate, and around the time Cena gets back Punk will be right around a year, so that is a story within itself. And this is a chance for WWE to give a young guy a chance for only 4 weeks.

    Zack Ryder is an interesting choice just because of Punk pushing him. Brodus Clay could stop dancing and become mean against Punk. You could have Christian return early. But honestly the smartest move is to have Daniel Bryan and Kane fight Punk at HIAC and have all the other tag team fight between themselves.

  • GunShark

    He can still show up on RAW and cut promos. That will keep the feud going, while allowing his arm to heal. They could have him do the same at house shows, or give him those days off. In any case, Cena should be good to go by the time Hell in a Cell rolls around.

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