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Breaking News on Randy Orton’s WWE Status

– It was announced at tonight’s WWE SmackDown live event in Detroit, Michigan that Randy Orton will be out of action for six months, meaning he will most likely miss WrestleMania 28.

WWE were offering refunds at tonight’s live event to anyone who wanted them, since Orton couldn’t appear.


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  • MM

    What happened to the wellness policy story?

  • crybaby

    breaking news—-> is reporting that Randy Orton’s failed a Wellness test. This would be Orton’s third fail, and if WWE followed it’s own policy at then Orton should have been fired.

  • zed

    @crybaby: And your taking your random website as a credible source? Their just trying to make themselves relevant by spreading bullshit rumors.

  • JamesBooth

    @crybaby are you serious bro ?

  • Jabroni

    To ZED
    It is not the first time the WWE has tried to hide Randy’s suspension with an injury storyline.

  • SayWhaat

    My head is spinning….

  • zed

    @Jabroni: Doesnt matter, is a forum, they are not a credible source.

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