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WWE Announces Release Of Kelly Kelly, Starlet Issues Statement

WWE announced Friday afternoon via WWE.com that the organization has come to terms on the release of former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly as of today, September 28, 2012. WWE wishes Kelly Kelly the best in all her future endeavors,” their statement reads.

Minutes after the announcement, Kelly wrote on Twitter, “Had an amazing 6 years with wwe made great friends and have the most loyal and amazing fans in the world thanks for the never ending support. Have exciting things in the works can’t wait to share them with you stay tune.”

After taking a hiatus in May, it was rumored that Kelly was looking to part ways with the organization to pursue modeling and acting endeavors. WWE officials attempted to sign her to a new, longer contract, but no agreement was reached.

Initially a catalog model, Kelly debuted on WWE’s ECW brand in June 2006, with the character of an exhibitionist. She became a popular wrestler in the ensuing years, culminating with a Divas Championship victory in June 2011. After taking time off in May, she made a few WWE appearances in August before disappearing again.

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  • Rg41982

    See ya! She had no passion for the industry.

  • 2o3caras

    Fb beat y’ll by 15 minutes lol

  • Real Kosher

    wwe.com beat everyone….

    and good…glad shes gone…horrible acting, horrible wrestling, horrible whore-able

  • Oh no, I know most of you are not fans of her but she has a special place in my heart considering how I watched her ever since her debut and saw her improving and adding more moves to her moveset and all. She was also the most popular diva on roster and made crowd react during her matches. I wouldn’t mind her returning one day AT ALL.

  • GN-0015

    This is too good to be true. Now I can like her for being a hot model.

  • Sabis

    Na na naaa na… Na na naaa na…

  • stone cold

    helleluja!im gonna have a celebration.and you al are invited.holla hollaaaa

  • Chelsii.

    Mindy once again showing her infatuation with people who can’t wrestle.

  • Richie

    Why dont you get a life Trollsii…i mean Chelesii!

    PPL are allowed to be fans of whoever they want without being insulted or belittled by morons like you! And if you think Kelly cant wrestle…i would love to see you do better!

    Kelly was there and on the road the entire 6 years of her career, never caused an injury to herself or anyone else…does that make her great, no! But it does prove she knew what she was doing in the ring

    Having that out of the way…Kelly may not he been a great wrestler, but she won audiences over worldwide, like her or not, her release is a huge blow to the division as she was the most popular diva of the last few years…i wouldn’t mind seeing her return down the road, just to piss the haters off lol!

  • Gonna miss her ECW striptease segments :(

  • rob

    ^^ You are saying that like they still fucking happen? Go on youtube or watch some porn

  • hottest divas gone…..

  • hottest diva gone…..

  • Scott Lund

    FINNALY man was she awful how bout next time u actually hire woman who know what there doing in that ring and not random models

  • Iain

    Who’s King going to salivate over now??!!

  • Kayfabe fan


  • Bonkerz

    This means the Kelly Kelly wasn’t the diva that attacked Kaitlyn.

  • Fritz

    and she was never seen again

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