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Bret Hart Says HHH’s Match with Undertaker Was Mediocre

Bret Hart spoke with Wrestle Talk TV Extra. Here are some of the things he had to say about Triple H.

“I have a certain amount of respect for Triple H. I remember when he first came in, I remember commenting on stuff that he did. Because I’d usually give wrestlers my thoughts and try to help them on stuff… Triple H has always been a good wrestler. But great? What is he now, a 1,000 time world champion? How great really is he?

“I look at [CM] Punk… I can look at certain wrestlers and I go, this guy is an innovator. Like a Rey Mysterio, who’s done stuff that no one has ever thought of before. Punk has done stuff — really unique moves and you go, ‘gee I’ve never seen anything like that before.’ They innovate all the time, and they create new sequences and moves and things.

“Then you look at someone like Triple H. When I look at him — he’s always had a good look as far as his body went — he always had a pretty muscular physique. But you look at someone like Hunter and you wonder, what has he really done. One move that he ever created that nobody ever saw before or some highspots or an idea for a match… He’s mostly a guy that just showed up and they made him. He’s always been a decent wrestler — I would consider him a good wrestler and pretty talented. But great? I don’t know, I don’t think so.

“What has he ever done that’s great? He’s never had a great match, I don’t think ever. Whenever I look at Triple H’s matches, including the last one he had with Undertaker — and I don’t really mean it as a knock — but I told myself before I watched it because I’m trying to like Paul now these days, that I want to see him do something to make me think he’s got greatness in him.

“Before Triple H wrestled Undertaker last year, I remember watching it and going, ‘I can picture the whole match in my head, I can tell you exactly what this match is going to be like and how it’s going to go. And I remember watching it and it went exactly how I predicted it… I thought it was mediocre at best, maybe a 4 out of 10, or 3 out of 10.

“I think Paul is a little overrated… overrated for being great. I can sit here and tell you that there was one match that he ever had with anybody that I thought was great. It’s kind of a shame, he should have a great match somewhere with somebody. And you’d think that he would have had it by now, but I don’t think he’s a great wrestler.”

  • CMmox

    Agree with everything Bret said except the rating thing, lol. It definitely wasn’t the best match ever. Actually except of the chair shots and the finishers and the DX combo finisher there wasn’t actual wrestling in the match. This match was most about the drama and the ‘End of an Era’ feel. As a whole I would rank it 7 out of 10.

    • Mario Peralta

      I’m sure with story telling he would rate it higher, but he is talking about the predictability and the wrestling part, which yeah it was a match to keep you at the edge of your seat and to keep you hooked on the story, but if you ignore what was an important factor as far as story telling goes and focus only on the performance, the match was boring and it drug out. So I see what Bret Hart means as far as the wrestling part goes.

      • CMmox

        We agree.

  • DoingMaThing


    Seems like Bret “The Sh*tman” Hart is mad because he can’t take bumps anymore.

    Their match was more of a fight and not really a wrestling match. It wasn’t mediocre.

    • Thatoneperson

      That was lame.

      • DoingMaThing

        You’re lame

    • Y2J

      You know, I don’t like you, and I rarely ever agree with you, but right now I do. I think Bret is an is just a bitter old man.

  • Kedo2

    just wau … I agree with him not being inovated, I agree that match wasn’t wrestling but a fight match, but Hunter is likable to watch. He is the third wrestler behind Stone Cold and The Rock in my eyes. His storylines were superb mostly. DX was one of the best tag team entertainers there ever were at the time and if he is not buring somebody he knows what to do in this bussiness … maybe his inovative senses will just show when he will have 100% control over WWE

  • fj2305

    c’mon the HHH/Taker HIAC match was really hard to watch, the only Thing that was good was the intensity, so as a “match” it was mediocre… i saw it live and i hadn’t any fun watching it, i just thought “when will it end?” for me the match if it was a match is Kind of overrated… it wasn’t great then th e first one 2 years ago

  • BANE

    Agree on him being overrated, and I think hhh does as well. I’d bet that’s why anytime someone has something good going, like CMPUNK, he has 2 beat them. Other than the rock, he’s the last guy I can remember beating cena clean. MICKFOLEY!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel_nfl2007

    What is Brett smoking? 3/10? 4/10?! Sure the match with Taker wasnt really a good ole wrestling match but it wasn’t meant to be. This match was a brawl defined t end an era. 2 men brawling, fighting for their careers. This match had me on the edge of my seat. Atleast a 8/10.

    • frank_costanza

      How can any Undertaker match have you on the edge of your seat when you know the outcome?

  • MatthijsKlerkx

    Bluhk, so full of himself, our Bret Hart. It’s a shame for him. The match last year was definately awesome. It had everything and the most important: storytelling. But let him say what he thinks is best.

  • Guest

    He’s right really, the match in terms of wrestling was average but the story and emotion was a 9 or 10.

  • tmcfan15

    Bret grades on scientific wrestling and HHH was never as scientific a wrestler as Bret or Kurt or Benoit.

  • frank_costanza

    I’m with him. I’ve always thought he was made by his relationship with the McMahons. Not bad in the ring, he knows his way around it, and in his hay day I even enjoyed watching him wrestle from time to time.
    But for my taste he was never great.

    And FINALLY, someone who hops off of it and says that their match wasn’t good. That match was boring.

    • SdotC

      Anyone who thinks HHH was made by his relationship with the McMahons either missed the Attitude Era or just doesn’t remember it well. HHH was SUPER OVER in 1998, a year in which the Kliq’s influence had faded, and long before he got with Stephanie. Babyface DX was second only to Austin, and I think if HHH was put in the same spot as Foley in early 1999, he’d have drawn just as well. I’m glad Foley got the spot, but I’ll give you an example. Remember the 1999 Rumble and the I Quit match? Do you remember the HHH vs Rock I Quit match the following night? Watch that and tell me HHH wasn’t main-event over. You can’t. Watch his heel stuff later in the year, and the early McMahon-Helmsley stuff. Obviously, politics played a huge part in his career, especially later, but to say he would have never made it to the top otherwise is absolutely ridiculous. I’m talking believing-in-Santa-ridiculous.

      • SdotC

        Oh, but to Frank, I do agree that the match was boring… I hate matches where they kick out 1000 times after they should have been beaten, as if that is psychology or storytelling. Taker took a sledgehammer to the face from a 240lb man. YOU DON’T GET UP FROM THAT. That’s not “brilliant”, it’s not “epic”, it’s stupid, and it desensitizes the fans so that they can’t appreciate the basic stuff anymore.

      • Rg41982

        I feel game was at the right place at the right time. I don’t think that even he thought he would make it that far. His face gimmick before heel turn was very weak. But when he got his shot he ran with it.

  • rishano

    ahaahaha bret is right and he is not scared to share his opinion triple H is overrated hes got the last years everything handed to him because he is vince’s son in law look at mason ryan and ezekiel jackson those 2 are bigger than triple H and they havent bin on raw for 2 years so its obvious that triple H got everything handed to him because he is the husband of vince’s daughter. but i gotta admit HHH is funny on the mic and can put on great promo’s

  • Waleed Abu-Gharbieh

    How many fucks were given about Bret’s opinion ?? NONE
    Triple H is one of the – if not the – greatest performer in the history of the WWE , period .
    How can we validate the opinion of someone who thought that the HHH vs Taker at WM 28 was a 3/10 tops ??
    If that’s a 3 , then what match deserves a 10 in his opinion ?
    What match that Hart has had that deserves a 10 then
    Has Triple H been a great world champion ? yes .
    did he bring anything new the wrestling industry ? yes .
    has he made a lot of quality t.v time ? yes yes yes
    does he has the ability to make great promos ?? yes yes yes
    Not counting all he has done in the WWE as a performer , no one got even close to what has he done with factions like DX and Evolution
    He is well built , has great mic skills , knows how to put a great match , there is no reason for things to be handled to him because he is Vince’s son in law …
    and he has been in the business for a long time now and he is a future hall of famer , whether Hart liked it or not …
    dont listen to what someone who hasn’t been in a ring since god knows when , has to say about wrestling .

  • SterlingSchwartz

    Without a doubt Bret is jealous of HHH. Why ? Because he has had a way more impressive career than Bret has had. Anyone who says Hunter was handed anything is an idiot and you haven’t watched wrestling for that long.

  • YM5

    everytime Bret opens his mouth I lose respect for him, I fuckin love the guy but I really can’t say I respect him as a man much anymore

  • Rybork Laserback

    I respect Bret’s opinion but WWE isn’t all about the technical wrestling. Triple H appeals to the masses and the masses enjoyed the Triple H/Undertaker match and probably would describe it as one of the greatest of all time. You get innovative wrestling on NXT too, but WWE isn’t all about that, it takes much more to be a successful superstar in WWE. If Triple H and Undertaker was booked as the ‘technical-fest’, people would get bored and wouldn’t enjoy it that much. It was meant to be an all-out brawl with great story-telling, for that it was a 9 or 10.

  • Austin Hull

    Brett wouldn’t know mediocre if it super kicked him in the chin.

  • Rg41982

    I agree a lil. What’s his definition of great just cuz game never made up a move he has or had some of the best mic work there is. To me punk is the full package. Great in ring work and mic skills. Rey is a good wrestler but boring on the mic.

  • Alejandro

    I don’t think Triple H is overrated as a wrestler. I may have my different opinons of him when it comes to all the backstage politics he has been a part of, but the guy can wrestle. He proved to a lot of people that he can compete with the top dogs in wrestling (Stone Cold, The Rock, Undertaker, HBK, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, etc.) Triple H brings out the best of the people he competes with in the ring and they do the same thing to him too.
    Not every match in television or on pay per view has to be based on techincal wrestling. And that “End of an Era” match was one of the best matches I’ve seen in years. Like a lot of fans, I thought this match was going to be bad, since it was the third time they were going to compete at Wrestlemania, but they proved a lot of people wrong. And Bret should know for this years that Triple H is a brawler, not a techincal wrestler. He may have competed with the techincal wrestlers in the past but like tmcfan 15 said, Triple H wasn’t exactly a scientific/techincal wrestler in the ring like the other guys were.

  • Junaid Bokhari

    3/10? HAHAHAHAHA. I may have agreed on other things he said but the moment he rated the match 3 or 4 out of 10, I sensed a bitter old man whining out of jealousy. Bret “the shitman” Fart

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    And now you know ladies n gentlemen why Hart was screwed at Montreal in the first place.. He was an egoistic human being who thought he was the leader of the locker room. His ego is the sole reason why Mcmahon didnt trust him when he said he would drop the belt the next day on tv.
    Bret “The whiner he is, the whiner he was and the whiner he will ever be” Sh*tman

  • fud pucker

    overrated is hhh he never could compete with rock and austin so he married steph got title match after title match tried to bury y2j benoit and eddie i simply do not like triple h speak on bret

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