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Brie Comments on Nikki’s Injury, Mid-South Intro, After Total Divas, Dreamer

– Here is the “After Total Divas” video from this week with Alicia Fox and Renee Young: has revealed the intro for WWE’s upcoming Mid-South Wrestling DVD and Blu-ray:

– As noted yesterday, former boxing champion Riddick Bowe is interested in getting into pro wrestling. Tommy Dreamer tweeted Bowe and offered to train him for free at his House of Hardcore wrestling school.

– Brie Bella tweeted about what she has learned her sister Nikki’s injury last night:

“Nikki’s Injury has taught me how strong I am on my own! it’s just the start of the strength you’ll see! Just wait Xxoo B #briebella #bellaarmy”

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  • KingBack

    Shut up Brie.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    So Brie Bella want to go solo without Nikki? This should be very interesting

    • Daniel_P1

      Together they suck, solo each of them would be even worse (if that’s.possible). However that won’t happen bc no matter how much they suck in the ring or out of the ring, they are the “faces” of the diva division in Vince’s and the company’s eyes. ….and yes the “suck” is meant literally and

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I do not know why they are the faces of the divas division anyway?

        • Daniel_P1

          Bc of their reality show, their exposure in the celebrity world as of late and since they’ve been around a while they like to be called “veterans”, what a joke!

          • Mrs. Ambrose


      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I do not know why they are faces of the divas division really?

        • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

          The only reason is cuz they fuking the faces.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            That’s what i been trying to tell people that the only;y reason they are on top is because who, they are dating and people still don’t want to listen

  • Devon

    The smellas fuckin suck. They are hot but they can’t wrestle, they can’t talk. They are boring. They should leave & Beth & Eve should come back. Natalya & AJ should be the top divas

    • Iron Mike Sharpe

      They are not hot. While I’d do either of them, I’ve seen hotter chicks trolling around the local QuikTrip.
      Also, every time I see them on TV makes me break out the penicillin.

  • Dan Saint

    looking forward to that Mid South DVD. Looks awesome

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