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Brock Lesnar Not Afraid To Mince Words About WWE

During the UFC 200 media call, Brock Lesnar was easily the star attraction. He was asked several questions by the media and gave some interesting comments about WWE.

Earlier in the week Stephanie McMahon said the WWE was, “not supporting the fight necessarily.” Lesnar responded with, “I don’t know, I don’t care what she says.”

If a UFC loss would hurt his WWE drawing power, the champion in both organizations didn’t seem worried. Lesnar simply replied with, “I really don’t give a s—.”

He continued that’s he’s returning to UFC’s Octagon for himself, not the fans.

At UFC 200 on July 9, Lesnar takes on Mark Hunt in the co-main event. Hunt is currently a slight favorite to win, but those odds might change before the fight.

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  • Jimmy

    Why are these articles always so poorly written?


      Welcome to WNZ. At this point, this site is similar to that of The Onion. Just a giant parody,just not sure they realize it.

  • CommonSense

    Will Cena ever grow balls like him…??

    • KingBack

      What does this have to do with having balls? Disrespecting the company that have turned you into a star is not having balls. It’s called being a d—. Lesnar is in a position where he doesn’t need money so of course he can go out and talk s— like this.

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