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Brock Lesnar And His PED Scandal

News of Brock Lesnar’s doping violation following his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt landed on the public perception like a fart-bomb in a phone booth.

There was already reasonable grounds for suspicion when Lesnar was granted a four month drug-testing exemption prior to the event. Even more indignation abounded when the UFC reported they would not be penalizing Lesnar in any way for his offense. Speaking with Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour“, Hunt flew into a seething tirade regarding the news.

“The worst thing about this scenario is that they aren’t doing sh-t about it,”,” Hunt said, “Did [The UFC] know about this? Is that why they’re not doing anything about it? Did they give this f-cking fool an exemption for four months because they knew about this? Because surely if they knew about this, they don’t give a rat’s about any of us.”

Hunt continued,”He’s rubbish. And they say ‘he beat you up.’ If he didn’t stick a needle in his ass, then maybe it would be different.”

Questions later began to arise about whether the situation would have implications for Lesnar and the WWE’s Wellness Policy. When the official line came down that Lesnar would be spared on both fronts, a similar affronted outcry came from the Sports Entertainment stable of critics.

Jim Ross addressed the issue in his blog, The Ross Report:

“All the armchair attorneys calling for WWE to suspend Brock Lesnar for his failed USADA drug tests associated with UFC 200 need to review Lesnar’s contract and the WWE Wellness Policy. Lesnar is a part time talent and part timers are not under the standard WWE Wellness Policy according to the WWE itself. If Shaq actually does get in the ring with Big Show at WM33 in Orlando, then Shaq would not be tested either because he would be considered a part timer… I am not condoning PED use in any way but I do agree that WWE cannot require part time performers in a show business presentation, not a legit sport, to adhere to the same rules and regulations that they require of their full time talents. Plus to compare pro wrestling to MMA is somewhat eye rolling.”

It can certainly be argued that the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the context of Sports Entertainment is of feeble significance compared with it’s use in real sport. Where someone on PED’s in an MMA fight could pose genuine risks to someone who walks the line of naturalism, that same PED user in a WWE match might simply have a more impressive physique and be more durable for withstanding the physical toll demanded by the taking of bumps.

The reality is that the use of testosterone enhancing substances allows athletes to better recover from the punishment exacted on their bodies. Testosterone Replacement Therapy has allowed MMA fighters like Dan Henderson, for example, to compete well into his 40’s. Whereas others, who haven’t benefited from the accelerated healing factor of increased T-levels, often end up basically hunched, stiff and limping to their early grave.

A certain moderation of testosterone use could in reality be a healthy life choice for athletes/sports entertainers if used in a medically appropriate way. But as it stands, the stigma over “ROIDS” persists.

So, a salute to the poor doddery veterans who have suffered the laws of our times. And may future reason prevail on an issue that isn’t as black and white as it may seem.



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  • Fat Owens Fat

    “like a fart-bomb in a phone booth.”
    Lord Dengis has spoken!

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Before UFC 200 Mark Hunt was like “I’m going to knock that juiced-to-the-gills guy’s teeth in”
    After UFC 200 Mark Hunt is like “I could have died fighting that juiced guy, I want extra money for my loss”

    So Hunt went into the fighting saying that he knows very well Lesnar is on the juice, but now he says if he knew about Lesnar’s roids angle he wouldn’t have fought him?

    Wow Mark Hunt surely sounds like an idiot now 😀

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    Praise Lord Dengis ???

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Brock got lucky lol.

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    Lord Dengis more work!?

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