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Bruno Sammartino on Working with WWE Again, Ricardo Rodriguez Hypes Tonight’s SmackDown

– Bruno Sammartino spoke to CBS Philly about his WWE Hall of Fame induction and plans to for him to be feature in an upcoming WWE video game.

“I have to thank the WWE and Paul [Triple H] for that [his Hall of Fame induction,” Bruno said. “The [WWE] has a video game featuring me down the road, and they will ask me to make appearances here and there. That’s in their plans. I think it certainly would be fun to return to the cities I headlined one time. I would love to come back to Philadelphia. I say this sincerely, Philadelphia was one of my great towns. I love Philadelphia—and I used to go to Philadelphia every two weeks. I miss Philadelphia, and Philadelphia was always very flattering to me. I hope I can come back to Philadelphia.”

– Ricardo Rodriguez hyped tonight’s SmackDown taping in Bakersfield, CA, writing on Twitter “Ironic to be in Bakersfield, where it all began for me and Del Rio 3 years ago. But now replacing those three initials of ADR with R.V.D.!”

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  • Vassiliadis

    Bruno was in a full “Steve Carrier mode”, except he used the word “Philadelphia”, instead of the “black men” thing in Steve’s article:

  • Daniel_P1

    The true irony Ricardo is that you are in bakersfield managing rvd..BAKERSfield lol

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I don’t really buy into the hype of RR managing RVD i do not believe that

  • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

    A.D.R. should become a heyman guy that way him & Orton will the 2 biggest heels & get a punk & Del Rio feud

  • Devon

    Bruno. The living legend. I wanna play as him in a game

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