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Bull Dempsey Says NXT Release “Came Out Of Left Field”

Bull Dempsey entered NXT with a monster type gimmick and eventually was transformed for comedic needs. During that time, Dempsey was released by WWE in somewhat of a shocking move. Dempsey seemed caught off by the release.

“Maybe in time I can look back and try to pinpoint when I could see the writing on the wall,” said Dempsey on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. “But, to me, there was none. And even in talking to some of the coaches, everybody I talked to was like, ‘this came out of left field’, so they had no idea. So why? I don’t know. But, at the same time, I don’t care because I have to look forward. I have to put it behind me and I have to stick it to them in a professional, respectful way.”

For nearly three years, Dempsey competed in NXT before his February 2016 release. He is set to debut in Combat Zone Wrestling against another former NXT wrestler, Sami Callihan. Their match is set for March 1.

To hear the entire podcast with Dempsey, please click here.

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  • Brett in MN

    No clue? Really? Sticking you with a ‘Fat & Lazy’ comedy gimmick wasn’t a strong clue?

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