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Bully Ray on Brook Hogan Divorce Party & TNA Being PG-13

Recently while in St. Louis, Bully Ray spoke to The Telegraph about having a “Divorce Party” for Brook Hogan.

“Brooke Tessmacher is hotter than Brooke Hogan; I’m gonna have a huge big divorce party, with girls, strippers, maybe a few dudes,” he said. “Who knows?”

Also during the interview, Bully discussed the differences between TNA and WWE.

“TNA offers a more mature wrestling product, along with the hottest girls out there; we are PG-13, not PG.”

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  • godngreatnwoo

    even being pg 13 wwe’s pg product has been way better recently then anything tna has done since Hogan and bischoff came along

  • Devon

    What the fuckinshit is bully saying. TNA isn’t fuckin TV 14. First of all PG 13 is a movie rating. TNA never swears, barely any sexual talk & there is no blood. Its more fuckin pg than WWE. WWE has been great this year. WWE has been pushing the pg rating. TNA sucks. It hasn’t been TV 14 since 2009

    • Mike Smith

      You have very valid points and ate prob right but then you start with the swearing and spewing out mature statements like ” TNA sucks” and you lose all credibility. You will prob respond w something like ” I don’t care what you think”, wich is obviously a lie. You wouldn’t post anything if you didn’t care.

  • Damian Starr

    coming from a man who uses fricken every other sentence…

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