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Bully Ray on Jim Ross Joining TNA Wrestling

Bully Ray spoke with The Daily Star last week following the news of Jim Ross’ retirement from World Wrestling Entertainment. Here are a few comments Bully had to say about Ross:

“I would love to see Jim Ross in TNA. I think TNA could benefit hugely from Jim.

He is a straight shooter, a man’s man.

“On a personal level, when Devon and I signed for WWE, we negotiated with Jim and he was the man who we signed the contracts with.

He’s just a top quality person.”

You can check out the rest of the piece at this link.

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  • jcice13

    keep dreaming bully, cause there ain’t no way we’re seeing JR in that toilet bowl

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I don’t think that JR should join TNA.

    • SdotC

      Nor do I. The guy is 61. It’s time we start looking forward. TNA needs more than just someone who can put them on track for a few years, they need a direction that they can take into the long-term future. Even if Jim joined, they wouldn’t give him the control he needs, and to be honest, on a personal level, I just don’t want to see JR back on TV. If he called like Wrestlemania, a once or twice a year thing like that, I wouldn’t mind. But this notion that JR needs to return to calling Raw every week, take his Talent Relations job back, or God forbid, join TNA… it’s so flawed. First of all, who’s to say JR even has it anymore? His commentary in recent years hasn’t been nearly what it was back in the late 90s. He’s better than Cole and especially King, but not by much. Plus, the dynamic was face JR and heel King, which would be gone anyway. If he’s lost his magic as a commentator, who’s to say he’d still have the same eye for talent and business in general that he did 10+ years ago, esp to the point that he’d be an asset to WWE OR TNA? And let’s say for argument’s sake that he is, he’s still an old man. I’m tired of this mentality that we need to bring back people who were great. It’s like how I wanted Rock to come back so badly, but when he did, instead of The Rock, we got a 40-year-old Dwayne Johnson, and it just wasn’t the same. The magic was gone. Then I realized what I really wanted was THE NEXT Rock. Same here, I want THE NEXT Jim Ross, not the 60-year-old former JR. And I sure as hell don’t want a 70 year old JR calling matches and scouting talent a decade from now. It’s time we move on. And as for TNA, even if he DID live up to his reputation, they won’t give him the stroke he needs to get things done, he’ll be in a tug-of-war with Hogan and Bischoff, he won’t be able to get anything done, and he’ll leave in a few years even more bitter at the wrestling business, even older, and he’ll be treated even worse if he tried returning to the WWE. It’s just not meant to be.

      Btw sorry for such a long post– I can’t help it, it’s just the way I write lol.

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