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Bully Ray On What Keeps Him Going

Bully Ray discussed with Brian Soscia on how much longer he has left in the business. Bully said that has “a lot of go left” in him, and noted that he has taken care of himself.

“I don’t have any vices, I don’t have any addictions except for chicks, so that keeps me nice and healthy,” Bully said. “Yes, I have taken a pounding… but I’m still going strong, and because I’ve taken such great care of myself right now, it what allows me to keep going out there at a high level and continue to entertain all over the world.”

You can listen to the full interview in the video below:

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  • jcice13

    little chocolate donuts???? I love when I can make an original SNL cast reference

  • tt2000

    what keeps him going? Getting to make out with tessmacher every week?

  • SdotC

    Wow what a homo. Saying “I don’t have any vices except for chicks” is essentially the same thing as saying he has no game whatsoever. Dude was fat as hell when he was young, now he’s 40+ acting like he’s picking up some hot women? Looooool! Isn’t he married anyway? And let’s put all that aside, say I’m wrong, he’s still a 40+ dude essentially admitting “Yeah, I’m gonna be ruining TNA until I’m at least 50”. Like, if you’re Sting, Flair, HOGAN, you can be around at 50, you’ve earned it and you still have value, but even those guys got ripped for being too old. People said that about Hogan all the way back in 1999. So what makes Bubba Dudley think he has ANY value, let alone enough to call himself a commodity crossing into his 50s? I don’t even want to make fun of TNA anymore… it’s like when you turn 14 and realize how lame you were for picking on the fat kid in class– I just feel sorry for them now.

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