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Carmella Talks About Possibly Winning The NXT Women’s Title And The Divas Revolution

NXT star Carmella spoke with Fansided recently about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On transitioning from a manager to a singles wrestler:

I don’t think so, no. It’s just so crazy though. I was a cheerleader for the most of my life and going out there with the boys was just so much fun. I mean, we get along so great and they are my friends. Now, roles have changed a little bit. Instead of people just cheering Enzo and Cass on they get to cheer me on as well and see what I am all about. The roles have definitely changed a bit. I have to be on my game and show the audience and my peers that I’m not just a manager on the sidelines.

It’s still cool, though, that even though I’m with the boys at times I’m still training five days a week inside the ring. People might be a little impressed with me every time I step into the ring, I’m not going to lie. They will see what hard work have been putting in over the last two and a half years.

On the Divas Revolution and possibly winning the NXT Women’s Title:

Well when I first started the Divas Revolution was just beginning. So to see how far it’s come, such as [with] Sasha and Bayley with the match of the year, it’s amazing. I have been put in a great situation where I was No. 1 contender for the Women’s title. It’s just that looking back on where I was and where I’m at now is mind blowing. The fact that Triple H is giving us the opportunities to show the skills and talent we have is humbling and gives you the motivation to put on the best performance.

Capturing the Women’s Championship would be amazing. Looking at Bayley, who is my best friend and whose taught me so much, and [if] I was to win the title one day I would love for it to be against her. I don’t come from a wrestling background even though my father was one and being a dancer and cheerleader doesn’t turn into wrestling skills. That’s really a testament to our trainers at the Performance Center as well as all the hard work I am putting in.

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