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Celebrity Trying to Become the New WWE RAW General Manager

– Actor Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell, recently spoke with MemphiSport.com about his quest to become WWE’s RAW General Manager.

There is a petition going around on Twitter to get Haskins hired by WWE as the RAW General Manager. Haskins has appeared on Zack Ryder’s YouTube show and is a known wrestling fans. There was talk months back of Haskins hosting RAW but it never happened.

The petition currently has less than 400 signatures. Haskins is asking fans to bring “Belding For GM” signs to Monday’s RAW Supershow in Memphis. He has received the support from guys like Ryder, The Miz, CM Punk, Diamond Dallas Page and others.

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  • David

    He would make a great heel GM. Think about it; clean-cut Mr. Belding comes in and looks and acts like his old character. The very first time someone gets on him or calls him ‘Belding’, he throws them in a handicap match. …or, the first time a face comes up to introduce themselves to him, he books them in an all-heel lumberjack match. Instant heat. Belding for GM!!!

  • Bad News Bro

    No. I’m sorry, but is pro-wrestling really the best place to do a Saved By The Bell crossover? I could barely choke down the Muppets, and I love the Muppets, but it’s just so nonsensical for them to be there. Introducing Mr. Belding as the Raw GM would just be too much for me. And I know, it’s not the character, it’s the actor, but it wouldn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Why would Dennis Haskins be the General Manager of Raw? That’s the most random choice that they could make.

    It’d be fun to have him make appearances, maybe even try him out as just a managerial role. If he goes over well, then maybe gradually take him up to Raw GM. I’d rather it be someone along the lines of JBL, JR, Stephanie, or someone who’s been there before and would make a lot more sense, but if people really get behind Belding and if he can really sell it, then I’ll buy it.

  • GunShark

    Mr. Belding for GM? Yes.
    Screech showing up randomly? No.
    If they need someone to be Belding’s goofball assistant/lackey, use Santino. He has nothing better to do, anyway.

  • TonyT

    I’d vote for Tiffany Amber Thiessen! At least she’d be some ‘eye candy’. :-)

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