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Cena Acknowledges Surgery, Raw Social Media Score, Hulu-WWE Update

– Monday’s Raw scored 255,107 in social media activity, which was down 38 percent from last week’s Raw.

Raw, which ranked #2 on cable TV, was likely affected by the Monday Night Football game on ESPN, which ranked #1 with 712,603 in social activity.

– WWE programming on Hulu.com was scheduled to only be available for free until September 17th, however they have since changed the date to September 24th. Also, Hulu has registered the domain wweonhuluplus.com, and an announcement that all WWE television programming will be available exclusively on Hulu Plus is expected to be made soon.

– John Cena acknowledged undergoing surgery on his elbow Tuesday afternoon and touched on his recovery time.

“Leaving #theAndrewsInstitue what super surgeon #DrJamesAndrews is. U guys have my word, i will do whatever i can to be active ASAP. Because of who I have become, i DAILY deal with large doeses of negativity. No biggie, always #riseabovehate but seeing all your messages. Really means alot to me and I just want to say thanks.”

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  • maxpower

    I hope and pray Cena done not come back till WWE is forced to pull the switch on these new better stars. Now I know you Cena marks/sheep are going to cry in there race car beds, to bad.

    Now time to enjoy Raw without Mr.Same Old Shit!

  • kayPaxs

    Die Cena die! and dont come back.

  • blake

    i know cena sucks but u guys need to give a guy a break, he is not the one who comes up with ideas for his wrestling character

  • Rg41982

    Raw will be wack without cena. Name one person who isn’t corny that can dies with punk. That’s all wwe. Punk and cena.

  • http://wrestlenewz.com Pokemon

    you know its 5 weeks till Hell in a Cell, he’ll still be doing his promos, not like he’s gonna be missing any on-screen tv time….dumbasses

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