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Cena Grants More Wishes, WWE’s New Glow Shirt, Batista on Wrestling-Acting

– WWE is now selling the new Kofi Kingston t-shirt that glows in the dark. It’s selling for $24.99 – $27.99. You can see it below:

kofi shirt

– The Man With The Iron Fists featuring former WWE Champion Batista drew an estimated $8.22 million at the box office this weekend, finishing #4 behind Wreck It Ralph, Flight and Argo. While promoting the movie, Batista talked about the differences between acting and wrestling:

“For me, it’s funny because I tell actors it’s so intimidating for me to be on this little intimate set, with the cameras pointed at you. Somebody says ‘action’ and all eyes are on you and you have to follow a certain script. Acting is harder. It’s more intimidating. When you’re out in front of so many people, it’s just so conversational. It’s easy, and it’s something I could do at any given moment.”

– John Cena granted several more wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation at WWE’s RAW live event in Manchester, England this weekend. Cena met several Wish kids that are honorees in WWE’s Circle of Champions.

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  • Y2J

    I’m not a big Cena fan, but how can you guys constantly bash someone like this.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    how can you not bash someone for being Linda’s senate puppet? and WWE going PG?

  • AlYerPal

    When you said GLOW shirts I thought you meant G.L.O.W. shirts! Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

  • matthew

    all the nerdy lil jimmys will love that new shirt

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