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Cena Tries to Hug Ryback, Details on WWE’s UK Tryouts, Edge Surgery News

– We noted before that WWE will be holding tryouts this week in the UK. Those tryouts began this morning with two three-hour sessions. Jim Ross is working the tryouts and revealed that there are 28 prospects participating and two of those are women.

– As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Edge will undergo neck surgery on Thursday – a procedure that he has put off for several months. The surgery will keep him from doing any public appearances for some time.

– The finish to Ryback vs. CM Punk at Tuesday’s RAW live event in Glasgow, Scotland saw a DQ after Paul Heyman brought out Tensai and other heels to attack Ryback. Ryback fought them off when Kane made the save. This brought out Dolph Ziggler and then John Cena came out.

After Ryback hit his finisher on Punk, he had a staredown with Cena. Cena tried hugging it out with Ryback but he wasn’t having any of it. The showdown ended with Cena and Ryback shaking hands.

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  • Rybork Laserback

    honestly, what the hell? A character like Ryback should not be shaking hands like a typical baby-face, not to mention it makes him look like some newbie who is intimidated of Cena. Also what the hell Cena, really? You’re gonna go for a hug with Ryback?

  • Botchamania

    *Queer alert*

  • LancePower

    I will take Ryback over Cena any day! No More Same Old Shit!

  • Joseph

    It looks like Cena might have a new crush.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Well he did offer ( haymen voice) BRAAAAWK FUCKING LEZNAR a handshake when returned ….

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Now i know why his ex divorced him.. lol

  • Z…..

    I dont believe I am going to say this, but based on what I have said about Ryback before, I guess its not that surprising. I would rather have John Cena over him any day. I cant stand Cena either, but in a choice between those two, I choose John Cena. (I still cant believe I said that)

  • Mark Black

    Don’t worry Z… Cena sucks but there are worse then him.

    I’ll take Sheena over Hogan ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I’m just not a fan of Hogan brother! Never was, never will be.

  • GN-0015

    Kane-Bryan hug it out works so well with the fans, so they’re doing it for Cena too? Another sad attempt to get him over?

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