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Cena Was to Miss RAW – Why He Won’t, WWE Mocks Adamle, Booker’s Wife as GM

– Former RAW General Manager Mike Adamle is mocked in the latest episode of WWE’s Are You Serious?

– Former WWE Diva Sharmell has returned to wrestling. She is the new General Manager for Reality of Wrestling, the independent promotion owned by her husband Booker T. Sharmell appears in episode 14 of the ROW YouTube series and says she will be a fair but firm General Manager.

– At last Monday’s RAW, there was some talk of having John Cena miss this week’s RAW so he could rest up. This is not confirmed but that plan was likely changed when the bad RAW rating came out on Tuesday. WWE will be facing strong competition this Monday night as ESPN’s Monday Night Football game features the Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears. On a related note, expect to see a lot from the Big Show vs. Sheamus feud on this week’s RAW.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Joseph

    You could blame the bad rating on Cena. Everybody was hoping he would be gone for awhile since he was injured, yet he was still there. That is the reason why I did not watch it. If you want to bring viewers back you have to realize that 8 years of the John Cena Show is too much.

  • J.

    That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. The wwe gave Cena a huge push not scene since Hogan’s glory days in the 80s. They can’t even afford to keep him off of t.v. for one week.

    At least in the attitude era if Stone Cold was to go down, you’d still have The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H among others to fill in because the others were given a chance at the top spot. Ratings going down wouldn’t be a huge concern.

  • kayPaxs

    WWE never gave Cena time to rest up and now he is broken down. They cant create new stars and have no back up stars.

  • rob

    Ratings > Cena’s health according to Vince McMahon…Hey Vince what are you gonna do when Cena can’t physically compete?

  • James_z

    Can’t WWE let him have his rest? At this rate, if Cena dies, he will come back to life just for the sake of WWE ratings.

  • Dro

    There’s no way RAW will compete with the MNF Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. I see an 18.0 rating for MNF while Cena gets 2.9 rating

  • People come up with the most retarded reasons for not watching RAW and blaming it on Cena….RAW is 3 hours, Cena only appears on tv for less than 30 mins….Bad ratings is only cuz of football, not cena and you know it….

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