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Cena’s Role for Hell In a Cell Revealed, Extended Heyman-Tyson Interview, Ryder’s Best Of

– THQ released the following extended interview with Mike Tyson and Paul Heyman to promote the WWE ’13 video game:

– Zack Ryder noted on Twitter that he is working on a “Best Of” episode of his YouTube series.

– John Cena will be featured on the YouTube pre-show before Sunday’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Cena will be addressing the AJ Lee controversy.

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  • Brody Lawrence

    I’ll tell you what WWE’s role for John Cena @ HellinaCell will be. Puppet boy will come out wearing his “Rise Against Cancer” T shirt, give another eye-rolling pro-Ryback promo, then be in his corner to cheer him on like the pitiful cheerleader he is now.

  • Arthur

    at the hell in the cell, wud like ryback to win the wwe title and turn heel.

  • HotShot

    Pre-show ?! Thats exactly where he’s untalented ass belongs.

  • havok

    does wwe really just throw cena in any stupid storyline when hes not in the main event just to keep his name out there

  • jayman

    This is gonna be the 1st Pre-Show I dont watch.

    The Pre Shows I watched

    1. Tag Team Championship Match at Wrestlemania 28
    2. Miz V.S Santino Us Title
    3. Kane V.S Ryder
    4. Otunga V.S Brodus Clay
    5. Kofi and Truth V.S Hunico and Camacho
    6. Cesaro V.S Santino Us title
    7. Pre Show Battle Royal for U.S Title Oppurtunity

  • Rybork

    @HotShot, that is just blind hate. Cena’s gimmick might be boring and he might be pushed too damn much, but he is talented. He can carry a show and when given the right opponent put on a great match and a highly entertaining feud, for example Cm Punk and Edge. His mic skills are great, i’ll probably get a lot of heat for saying this but please, you might hate and get annoyed as hell by his cheesy face tactics but he knows how to put on promos and get the fans riled up. Some respect is due.

  • 2caras

    Love him or hate him he is a TEAM player unlike the newbies

  • Joseph

    They had to put him in a story. Even though it was Punk and AJ that were hinting at an affair. But, then again, it was Punk making fun of Laurinitis every day for 6 months but it was Cena that took over the story. Why? Because only Cena is allowed to do anything. He will also be the one to unveil the new WWE title.

  • matthew

    Cena is a puppet a walking commercial if u will. And who cares about aj let her wrestle. They should have never put her in the gm spot

  • Jill Valentine

    Love him or hate him he would be useful against Umbrella

  • The REAL RyBork aka bork lazer

    lol ok. ive met cena twice, and each time talked to him for about 30 mins or more, he is Nice, funny, charismatic and has waaaayyyy bigger muscles than un tv lol. he picked me up with one arm/.shoulder and im 168lbs so yeah…. anyways he is more fun to watch than Sheamus,Big Show,Dsniel Bryan, Kane and Dolph ziggler.he is equal to CM Punk. dislike this comment all u want, it will never change the fact that u sad,fat,basement dwelling Loser Cena-haters will never get a girlfriend or be popular. it is Immoral to hate cena, he is nicer than Barack Obama,Jesus christ,God,Buddha and the Queen of england combined. u guys are losers.

    Like this comment if u agree, Dislike this comment if u also agree and love cena.

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