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Cesaro On The Fans Support During A Low Point

With a printer and two words, the Cesaro Section took off with fans. It’s something that occurred at a low point in Cesaro’s WWE run.

“I’m most proud of the Cesaro Section. That’s something the fans started for me,” said Cesaro to Racktape. “They just printed out simple papers that said ‘Cesaro Section,’ on them. […] It means a lot to me because that was during a time when I was kind of down and unsure if I was doing the right thing and I was trying to get some momentum going. That support means the world to me. So I always work extra hard to make the Cesaro Section proud.”

He listed other accomplishments being the first Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner, tag champions with Tyson Kidd, and being United States Champion in his first year with WWE.

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