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Cesaro On James Bond Entrance, Fans Coming Together

Cesaro, who returned from a lengthy absence due to injury after WrestleMania, spoke to the Green Bay Press Gazette.

James Bond style entrance:

“I’m a huge fan of the movies, and the fun part is, I always wear suits; that’s just how I dress. I believe in looking good and representing yourself and dressing in style. When I started wrestling, I was wearing a suit to wrestle; a suit and sleeveless T-shirt with a tie and I was sweaty all day. So I wanted to go back to the roots.”

Cesaro section:

“Sometimes it’s really hard to believe in yourself if everybody’s pointing another way, but the crowd really helped to tell me that they want to see what I stand for and that they believe in hard work just like I do. It’s been fun with the crowd and the kids and the best part to me is you don’t need anything, all you need is a printer to print out a sign. It’s just something that bonds us all together and it’s a movement that just took a life of its own, and that’s the best.”

Since returning, Cesaro has been in the IC title scene. He’s currently one of the names set for the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match.

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