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Cesaro Takes a Shot at Bryan & Punk?, WWE’s New TV Personality Speaks, More

– We noted before that WWE has hired Renee Paquette, an on-air personality for The Score Television Network in Canada. She is rumored to be a new backstage interviewer for RAW. She commented on Twitter:

“Thanksfor all of the well wishes! I’m sad to leave amazing people @theScore but very very excited to be joining #wwe #pumped #thankyou”

You can see photos of her here on WNZ.

– Speaking of The Score, Renee’s colleague Arda Ocal made his debut hosting WWE Experience on The Score this weekend.

– In the new issue of WWE Magazine, WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro was asked what separates himself from other so-called independent guys like Daniel Bryan or WWE Champion CM Punk. Cesaro replied:

“Obviously I have a similar background and experience as those men you mentioned, but that’s where those similarities end. If you look at me what you see is someone with the physique and build of a true WWE Superstar.”

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  • Heisenberg

    Cesaro who? He’s going going …….. Gone!!

  • maxpower

    Cesaro has the indy past and the WWE look but not a good gimmick.

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    Within 5 years Cesaro and Ryback will be the new Cena and Orton

  • Stryker9

    Cesaro, the gimmick you have SUCKS! You aren’t wrestling anywhere near the way you used to in the indies……..I don’t think i need to say much more, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan pretty much…..it speaks for itself when you watch them.

  • Coolquip

    Do people not know what it means to play a gimmick??

  • jayman

    Ryback aint Cena. Rybacks the Next Goldberg

  • The Original Jeff W.

    @Coolquip: Apparently not. He said it in WWE Magazine. It’s obviously an in character comment.

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