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Champion Getting A Female Partner? + WWE Remembers Andre The Giant

– There’s been talk by WWE of attaching a female wrestler to Kalisto according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The idea is a female will allow the Rusev angle to continue as Lana can get involved in the matches. At WrestleMania 32, Lana made her main roster wrestling debut.

– To honor what would have been Andre The Giant’s 70th birthday, WWE takes a special look at his career.

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


  • Zack

    I wouldn’t want this storyline. My guess is it’s Sasha since she’s been on the road with Kalisto, posting pictures together the past few months. I also think Sarita or Rosita could be a fit if it happened (better them than Sasha getting stuck in this storyline)

    • Lisa

      Sasha? Nope.

  • Zack

    Better idea. Rusev with Lana feuding with Cesaro and Nattie


    Rusev with Lana feuding with Miz and Maryse


    Rusev with Lana feuding with Ambrose and Renee (Renee doesn’t necessarily need to wrestle. Maybe a strong Renee promo and a slap or “catfight” or whatever)

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)

  • The Shockmaster

    Cue Summer Rae…………

    • Someguy

      Oh hell no.

  • xE-REDx

    They Should Bring in A Luchdora .. It’ll be Cool to have a different type of woman wrestler on the roster

  • Mark B.

    Oh please! Don’t do this with Bayley. She deserves much better.

    • FacePuncher

      Very true. It would be an epic waste if it was Bayley. Remember how they ruined Emma’s first run by pairing her with Santino?

      • Mark B.

        I actually liked seeing Emma doing her little dance. LoL! But not Santino.

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