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Change Ahead for John Cena?, WWE HIAC Tickets, Foley’s Comedy Show, More

– Tickets for WWE Hell In A Cell go on sale this Saturday at 10AM ET. The pay-per-view event takes place on Sunday, October 27th at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL.

– John Cena posted this photo on Instagram moments ago:

John Cena s Change Ahead

– Mick Foley commented on his comedy show following Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, writing on Twitter, “Loving life onstage @TheImprov last night.

Mick Foley at Improv Comedy Show Last Night

– Friday’s episode of SmackDown garnered 2.4 million viewers, down slightly from the previous week’s 2.49 million viewers.

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  • Chelsii?

    His next shirt will be multicoloured.

    • james

      for his black counterpart – the rainbow edition

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I hope is not a heel turn?

    • D.M.T

      Vince doesn’t have the balls to turn Sheena heel

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        IDK? But something tells me it could be posible

        • Chelsii?

          Let’s hope so.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            If it is it is going to be real wierd

          • Chelsii?


          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I am so used to seeing him the good guy not the bad guy

          • Chelsii?

            You ain’t ever seen the Doctor of Thuganomics!?

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Oh right! yeah when he first got there

      • Fernando Oliveira

        Vince is not the problem, Cena said some times that he doesn’t like doing the heel role. But, personally, I think Cena should swallow his pride and do a little heel turn just do revitalize a bit his career.

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          IDK if he should turn heel

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          Cena not liking doing the heel role has nothing to do with pride. Because of his high-visibility position outside the ring with endorsements and Make-A-Wish Foundation, he feels like it would hurt his charity work. And I think he’s got a case. Full-on heels could do charity work back some years ago. It doesn’t work so well now because of the Internet. It’s harder for a guy to put on a mask of a squeaky-clean hero-type outside the ring, and then be a complete toolbag in the context of the WWE programming.

  • Ebenezer Grymm

    I think he’s referring to “change” within the WWE. Like Bryan/Orton/Triple H are going to have a really hardcore type of program or something. Changing from the PG era back to something resembling the Attitude era.

    Or simply referring to a change like less big men and more small men, less “entertainment” and more wrestling. I expect Rey Mysterio to show up on Raw tonight to challenge Del Rio. So now you’ll have Bryan and Mysterio headlining for a bit. And they have to realize that it was the well wrestled matches that made Summerslam good, and not backstage stuff like Fandango.

  • jcice13

    for all the people who want Cena to turn, and it is a valid point, it won’t happen any time soon, he makes wayyy to much money for Vince, well into 8 figures a year in merchandise(according to something posted here a while ago) and as I said back then, you don’t run a business and voluntarily throw millions away, and if he did turn heel please tell me any THREE guys that together would come close to matching that number? the one thing that held true throughout the McMahon rants is “good for business” and throwing a boat load of money away just isn’t good

    • [B]ANExx

      Also going by numbers on this site, when Punk was at the height of his face run he was the first guy in 7 years to out-sell Cena in merchandise across a whole calendar year, so the merchandise will sell regardless of WHO’S it is!!

      The only reason that Cena sells so much merch is because he is THE guy, if they released him tomorrow they’d sell a similar amount of merchandise, it just wouldn’t be Cena stuff. If a parent takes their child to Disney World they’re going to buy them a T-Shirt regardless , if their childs favourite is Micky Mouse and they don’t have a MM T-Shirt, the parent will get them a Goofy / Pluto T-Shirt instead (for example).

      Cena is just the favourite dish at the restaurant, people would still eat there and have something else from the menu if the main dish wasn’t available.

      • jcice13

        that is out right not even close to being true, and I’m not saying it’s your idea but that it’s the site’s. no one and I mean no one has come close to selling as much as Cena(I’m referring to this generation) and it goes without saying the reason is that he’s the main man, of course the main guy will sell, that’s the reason he’s in that position, and you can not assume that if cena was gone that the WWE’s sales would remain the same across the board, unless you have that info? as for the disney reference? it’s not the same either, close but not the same and when has disney ever sold out of mickey mouse shirts? LOL but I do agree that if you go to a show and the kid wants a shirt he’ll settle for his second favorite’s one, but damn cena has a whole wardrobe of shirts hats and sweat bands and what has it been, 29 different styles of shirts now? and if you use the numbers of what this site says? just within the last year it was posted here that cena sells 10’s of millions of dollars a year in merch. but this would be something that may be able to be looked into or maybe someone here has the numbers from a reliable source, cause I’d be quite interested how much a year cena sells

        • [B]ANExx

          I don’t of course have access to WWE’s business records, as I am not affiliated with them in any shape and form, but I used to be a retail manager and studied business management to degree level, so I am fairly tuned in to consumer habits etc. It was this which formed the basis of my comment about them selling someone else’s kit instead of Cena’s, consumer habits generally go -> I want stuff, Is the stuff good? (doesn’t matter) Is the stuff what I was after? (doesn’t matter) Is there better stuff that does the same thing? (doesn’t matter). The general rule being consumers will buy any old c**p, if WWE have shirts on the rack they will sell them.

          You’re right most of them will be Cena shirts, because he is number one. No telling for sure if they’d sell just as many shirts without his face on, but traditional consumer habits suggest they would – I’d wager once someone said no one would sell as many shirts as Stone Cold – then along came Rock, and after him Cena.

          But yeah, the ONLY source I have to base the fact that Punk outsold Cena was stuff posted on here, I assumed they had checked their sources, but that may have been my mistake here… Of course only WWE know 100% unless they release official figures, and I doubt it would make business sense for them to do so!

          • jcice13

            as a retail manager did you have first hand knowledge of ALL the aspects or just those in your store? did you do have hands on management fro A to Z? not being confrontational, just asking. I’ve had a few businesses that I started from scratch then sold them and 3 of them were to people who worked for me and all 3 went out of business within 2 years. but I digress, did you read the other post I sent you about the espn reporter and pwtorch? that should be the answer to this

          • [B]ANExx

            Yeah read the first reply too, followed the link but I think it was the site home page rather than the article, I assume the second paragraph is the relevant quote etc. Reinforces the point that Cena is the top seller right now, certainly.

            When running my own store my experience was limited to what I sold in my store, although that was a very varied supply of stock, think the European equivalent of Wal-Mart, if you’re in the states. However my degree was in business in general, not geared toward one specific genre – we learned a lot of principles rather than specifics, i.e. if it was maths, we would have learned how numbers interact so we can mulitply any combination of numebrs, we wouldn’t have tried to remember specifically that 5×9 = 45 – but rather the TECHNIQUE to work it out.

            As I say, I am generalising regular spender habits, there may something specific about the WWEs demographic, but it is unlikely – across ALL forms of spending (whether that is the weekly family food shop / a family holiday / kids toy shopping / clothes / a car / etc.) spenders display a very similar pattern, so there would need to be a very specific and definable difference between WWE fans and those of (for example) an NFL team supporter base, or visitors to high-street supermarket for me to believe their spending profile would be significantly different.

            All speculation either way of course, and history is littered with stories of people who took a chance in business and the risk didn’t pay off, but I believe in this instance WWE would still sell without Cena, maybe my inexperience in the events management sector is why I am not head of merchandise for the WWE eh? 😛

      • jcice13

        okay I just found this info and I tend to believe it because of the 2 sources, this was posted on jan. of 2012

        michele steele of espn said that the WWE claims that cena sold 106 million in merchandise or 22% of their entire sales this was confirmed by the PWtorch which has the rep of being on the button when it comes to things like this, both of these sources are not your garden variety web people who post opinions as facts. now whether it’s true? well personally I will believe that before most anyone else

  • Joseph Douglas

    Cena hasn’t had a change in 8 years.

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