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Change Made To Survivor Series Match, Smith Hart Predicts WWE HOF Inductees, The Rock

– In a change to Sunday’s Survivor Series Pre-Show contest, the official WWE website announced Thursday that Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd will square off against two members of 3MB. Gabriel and Kidd replace Santino Marella and Zack Ryder in the bout.

– Smith Hart, brother of Bret Hart, offered his predictions for WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2013 via Twitter. He believes Mick Foley, Bob Backlund, Carlos Colon, The Honky Tonk Man and Lawrence Taylor will be enshrined.

– has released T-Shirts on The Rock—The Rock Bull Skull Retro T-Shirt and The Rock Seal of Approval Retro T-Shirt.

– Some Target department stores are selling WWE’s 2008 DVD release on Edge, Edge – A Decade of Decadence, as well as the 2008 DVD release on The Rock, The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, for $5.00 each.

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  • Why the hell did they change up the preshow, it was fine as it was.

  • rob

    Bumped from a preshow? Or are they switching spots in the fatal four way tag match?

  • Rybork Laserback

    The switch makes no sense….Ryder/Santino are more over. Probably done because they are adding a tag-team elimination to the card.

  • ryder and santino are a joke so im glad they changed it.

  • Bart

    ^ Gasp! A female on this site who isn’t a total cunt

  • Christian

    why cant they have this match on the main show there will easily time for this match with just 6 matches on the card

  • brandon

    Add some more matches to the card…

  • Rybork Laserback

    they might be a joke but they are much more over and it makes much more sense for them to be on the card against 3MB then Gabriel/Kidd.

  • John

    Who gives a damn about Smith Hart? WTF is he and what’s he ever done? Lawrence Taylor was also recently accused of statutory rape or some kind of sexual crime against a minor not to mention headlining the worst Wrestlemania ever. WWE has really gone over the deep end if they add him to the HOF celebrity wing. So nice pick idiot. Put BamBam Bigelow in instead. I wouldn’t put Carlos Colon in either after he tried to cover up for that Puerto Rican wrestler who murdered Bruiser Brody. Plus there’s his recent dumbass rant against JBL for a comment he made as a heel commentator. Fuck Colon and put JBL in the HOF instead to really piss off the Colons. LOL!

  • rob

    ^^ Mike Tyson went to jail for rape also….. and Drew Carrey …. Do I need to elaborate?

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