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X-Division Matches Changing, Devon Now Accepting Bookings

– Devon is now accepting independent bookings through Bill Behrens. Devon was the Aces and Eights member that got pinned in what will air as this week’s main event of Impact Wrestling. The stipulation was that whoever lost the match had to leave the company.

– Hulk Hogan announced that TNA’s X-Division matches will now be one-on-one, eliminating the three way rule.

“Dixie Carter and I have heard your feedback. @ImpactWrestling X-Division matches will be one-on-one. Tune in to @SpikeTV Thursday 9/8c HH”

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  • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

    Three way matches were a good idea, but it shouldn’t have been absolutely 100% triple threats. Maybe just have mostly three way matches with singles every other week or something

    • Aaron

      The X-Division has like 4 guys under contract! The others are just guys who are booked per appearance.

    • Damian Starr

      i said that when they first announced it… do you think if we kick up enough of a fuss we could go 6 side again?

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Wow Devon really did leave i thought it was just part of the storyline?

  • Rawr

    Thank you

  • Victor82

    Yeah. Thanks for the spoiler! (again)

  • mrlaw

    What about the feedback for you and Dixie to leave the company? Clearly that when unanswered…..

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