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Charlotte Reacts To Ronda Rousey Says She Wants To Become Divas Champion

– Once quotes of Ronda Rousey saying she wanted to become WWE Divas Champion one day (see here) were published, current Divas Champion Charlotte responded to Rousey with this tweet:

– Todd Grisham tweeted out the following about his interview with The Miz on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

– Rosa Mendes mentioned on Instagram that Tuesday’s SmackDown TV tapings was her last day as the SmackDown correspondent for for a few months as she will be giving birth to her child soon.

Last day at TV for a few months. A photo posted by Rosa Mendes (@wwerosamendes) on


A photo posted by Rosa Mendes (@wwerosamendes) on

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  • Edynol

    Does anyone else feel like something is in the works with Rousey? When exactly is her contract up with UFC?

    • Fat Owens Fat

      They’re going to keep teasing till a few weeks before mania. That way, what little ticket sales are left to set the attendance record will also be sold. Don’t think she has too many UFC fights left in her career, she’s already talking about other career options in the interviews

      • Edynol

        Yeah I know. She’s been talking about doing other things for a while now. I just get that vibe that, while sincere about those other things, she lists them along side WWE to throw us off a bit. For example; “Well yeah, I’d like to do this, do that, become Divas Champ, and this and that. But who knows?”

    • jcice13

      can belief be suspended enough to buy Rousey NOT killing any woman on the roster within 20 seconds?

      • Edynol

        No need to even suspend it. MMA and pro wrestling are very different, and not because wrestling is staged. Put Rousey in an exhibition shoot match and there are some rookies that could very well beat her because half the stuff she knows she wouldn’t be able to use.

        • jcice13

          you sir are in need of drug testing

          • Edynol

            No you need to do some actual research and get your head out of your rear. This whole “MMA is tougher because WWE is staged” stigma is what little kids might believe. You are 100% wrong in this. Go do your research, watch a few indy matches involving MMA athletes against barely trained backyard wrestlers.

            MMA is about taking the least amount of damage as possible. Pro wrestling is about taking as much damage as possible and still getting back up to perform. Yeah, punches and kicks are pulled, but sometimes they can slip and land a solid on ya and you still have to get up and continue. And those rings are not soft surfaces. It hurts every time you land on one.

            You haven’t lived in this world, so I can’t really expect you to understand. But you are way wrong and if you want to prove me wrong, go step into a ring yourself.

          • jcice13

            stop it, just stop it, and you don’t know the first thing about me or what I’ve ever done right? you have no idea, so for you to say I haven’t lived this or haven’t seen that etc is total gave an opinion I said mine was different, we will never know for sure because it will never happen, I’m 100% wrong???? so you’re saying there isn’t even a 1% chance I could be correct??? and you and only you know the truth and the answers? just don’t drive a vehicle in the next 24 hours

          • Edynol

            Yeah I do know about you. You’re an idiot and always have been or a really bad troll who doesn’t do it right. You’ll argue about one thing one day and then argue about the opposite the next. You’re one of attention seeking hipsters and who just likes to argue with people to make yourself feel relevant because you have no real idea what the hell you’re doing in your life.

            But yeah, now I remember why I ignored you in the first place. Keep deluding yourself if ya want. Have a good one buddy.

          • Vince McMahon’s Money

            lawls You should replace some of my writers

          • Edynol

            Lol. I wish.

          • jcice13

            you sir are what we call a complete anus

  • jcice13

    wow flair’s kid telling rousey to come get it? she better have on depends because if she did come get it there won’t be much left of her, maybe enough for one final Woooo, better make that Wo she’d never get 4 O’s out

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