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Charlotte Walks Out Of Interview After Ric Flair’s Response To A Question

WWE Hall of Fame
The weekly sit down interview with Michael Cole is back. His guests this week are WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and his daughter, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

Since they last spoke, Cole wants to know what’s changed with Charlotte. She’s now the champion and her father is ringside; serving as a coach. Flair calls his greatest accomplishment being able to go to the ring and watch his daughter perform.

Cole mentions the recent loss to Paige when Ric wasn’t at ringside. He wonders if that outcome predicts her Extreme Rules submission match against Natalya. Cole wants to know if Charlotte can win without Ric at ringside. Charlotte doesn’t have an answer and Ric says anything can happen. Charlotte gets annoyed and ends the interview early. We get a woo from Ric before everything is done.

See the complete interview below.


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  • Brett in MN

    I get that Flair may want to be involved with his daughter, and she may want to spend time with him.

    But this is all wrong. This is the center feud of the Women’s Division, and it revolves around Ric Flair, not the actual women. He’s also extremely unpredictable and frequently uncontrollable and he doesn’t need to be in such a high profile spot anymore.

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